A Laurel man whom the judge referred to as “twisted” was ordered to spend more than a decade behind bars after admitting to impregnating a family member.

Jamie Jenkins, 40, was sentenced to 15 years in the full-time custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections after pleading guilty Monday in Jones County Circuit Court to sexual battery. Because it’s a sex crime, all of the time will have to be served day-for-day, with no chance for early release.

Investigator Michelle Howell of the Laurel Police Department began investigating the case in February when it was discovered at Family Health Center that the teenage girl was pregnant, prosecutor Kristen Martin said. The victim is a relative of Jenkins’.

“He was the only one she’d had sex with,” so it was easy to determine who the father was, Martin said.  

When Jenkins was questioned by Howell, he admitted to having sexual intercourse with the teen, Martin told the court. The girl’s mother signed an affidavit saying she agreed with the sentence so her daughter could avoid having to testify and go through the trauma of a trial.

“You must be a very twisted man,” Judge Dal Williamson said before accepting the plea agreement. “I hope the damage to this child is not a major problem for the rest of her life. I hope and pray that counseling will help her get past this.”

Williamson said he considered rejecting the plea to make Jenkins go to trial, and if the jury found him guilty, sentencing him to the maximum of 30 years.

“But I hate to make the child have to go to a trial,” he said, and that was the only reason he accepted the plea, he said. “You need to seek forgiveness.”

In addition to the prison time, Jenkins will be required to spend five years on post-release supervision under MDOC and pay $1,927.50 in court fees and fines. Jenkins will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He was represented by public defender Patrick Pacific.

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