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Bud Ford, left, and Jerry Broadway

Soso residents who watch the Country Music Association Awards Wednesday night could see a familiar face. 

Jerry Broadway, who was born and raised in Soso and graduated from West Jones High School in 1987, is part of the St. Louis-based radio team “The Bud And Broadway Show,” which is being honored as the CMA Major Market Personality of The Year 2018. Earlier this year, the team was also chosen as the Major Market Personality of The Year from the Academy of Country Music.  

“When I left Soso in August of 1993 to chase this dream, I never imagined that I would end up in St. Louis, and I certainly never anticipated winning both of these awards in the same year,” Broadway said. “It just proves that if you’re willing to put in the work, trust God and make the necessary sacrifices, you can achieve your dreams.”

Broadway, who said that most of high school friends and family still know him as Dale (he uses his first name, which he shares with his father, as his “on air” name) spent 19 years honing his craft in Dothan, Ala. He met and teamed up with Bud Ford in 2010, and the duo immediately knew they had something special.  

“Chemistry between radio hosts either happens, or it doesn’t,” said Ford. “It can’t be bought, and it can’t be forced.  With us, it just came naturally.”

In 2012, Bud and Broadway moved their show to Tulsa, Okla., spending nearly three years there before being offered the job they had always had their eyes on.  

“When Bud and I put our show together, we designed it with a five year plan to land in a major market,” Broadway said.  “We missed it by six months, but we’ll take it!”  

They found their new home at WIL-FM in St. Louis in March 2016.  Since then, they have become the No. 1 Country morning show in the city. They’ve also been chosen Best Local Morning Show by St. Louis Magazine.

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