Lt. Shannon Caraway

After the jury watched a 1-hour, 22-minute body-cam video from Lt. Shannon Caraway, District Attorney Tony Buckley got testimony from her about different parts of what they saw.

She clarified that defendant Greg Burroughs said that the phone on his kitchen counter did belong to his girlfriend Katherine Sinclair, who had just been found in his garage with a single gunshot to the head.

“Then what did he draw your attention to?” Buckley asked.

Caraway said, “The keys, with blood on them.”

Caraway’s report said the green phone was in the car, but she said the report was in error. There was a black iPhone on the car, the green phone was on the counter. Burroughs was also heard telling his father that “her f - - - ing dad gave (the gun) to her this weekend … She didn’t even have any f - - - ing pants on.”

Burroughs explained to his father how Sinclair had wanted to go riding and drinking but he didn’t want to, and that’s what led to their fight and “she raised the gun and shot herself,” he said. Buckley also got Caraway to confirm that when Burroughs told him what had happened, his dad asked, “Her car was in reverse?” and the defendant responded, “Uh-huh.”

On cross-examination, defense attorney Tracy Klein asked Caraway if she was friends with one of Burroughs’ relatives, Jessica Dees, who was talking to her at the end of the driveway. Caraway confirmed that they are. Dees is heard saying she’s known a couple of people who dated Sinclair. “I know she’s crazy, been on drugs before, but that didn’t come from me.”

Caraway responds, “You didn’t even have to say that, you can tell that.”

He asked, “Can you tell she was on drugs or crazy?”

Caraway said, “Actually neither.”

She went on to explain that she was on her phone, “trying to do something else” and not really paying attention to her friend.

“Four times you confirmed that she’s crazy on drugs or both,” Klein said.

Klein also asked if she grabbed the cellphone without gloves on, but she didn’t go through the garage to the kitchen because there was blood on the door and she was trying to preserve evidence.

She said that she didn’t see blood on the cellphone.

Klein also asked her about her statement that Burroughs showed no emotion. He rewinded the video and showed Burroughs sobbing with his father and asked, “Do you agree that’s emotion?”

She said, “Yes.”

He also asked her about a statement she made, “It looked like he was trying to get rid of her?”

Klein asked her to clarify what she meant.

“His emotions were for himself, not for her,” she said.

Klein then pointed to photos of the couple on Beale Street in Memphis the day before and asked, “Is that consistent with trying to get rid of her?”

Klein also questioned her about a statement she made to Burroughs: “She could’ve easily killed you. It could’ve been murder/suicide.”

She agreed that she said that in an effort to console him. But she said her suspicions were raised later.

Near the end of her video, Caraway is heard saying that Burroughs was going to be arrested, “and this is fixing to get good.”

Klein asked, “You were excited, weren’t you?”

She said, “No.”

He concluded by asking if she found anything that was inconsistent with suicide.

“No,” she said.

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