Burroughs, Klein

Greg Burroughs listens to Sgt. Michael Reaves’ testimony alongside attorney Tracy Klein on Friday afternoon.

MEADVILLE — Jurors heard text messages between Greg Burroughs and Katherine Sinclair that showed just how volatile their relationship had been in the final days of her life.

“I would kill you if I could get my hands on you right now,” Burroughs texted her on May 26, 2017. Earlier the same day, he sent a text from inside her house at Lake Eddins that read, “I’m at your house, you’re not here, I’m burning this motherf- - - -er down.” 

Brad Grunig and Jessica Brownlee of the District Attorney’s office read the texts to the court, her as Sinclair, him as Burroughs.

Burroughs sent multiple texts during that threatening thread that he would block or delete Sinclair if she didn’t call or text within three minutes … then 30 seconds … then he texted, “You’re blocked.” A few minutes later, she responded that she was with her family in Laurel, and he responded, “I hope you die.”

She wrote, “OK, have a great life.”

He responded, “I hate you more than I ever hated anybody.”

She then sent a threat to “ruin his life” and prevent him from getting custody of his young daughter by sending his ex-wife some embarrassing photos and videos of him.

“Send it, I don’t care,” he responded. “You’re threatening the wrong motherf- - - -er.”

But a few days later, they were back together, traveling to Memphis and Southaven.

Then on June 1, hours before she was shot, Burroughs set a text to Sinclair saying that he was upset with her because she didn’t have an orgasm the previous night when they had sex, “and I gave it all I had.” He then chastised her for “catching her masturbating” afterward.

She wrote back that she wanted to get together again that night: “Let’s talk, eat out or eat in or fuss and fight, or we can have sex until I orgasm.”

Sinclair was naked from the waist down in the driver’s seat of her car in Burroughs’ garage when officers arrived at his home that night. 

“After going out the eat, they were planning to have sex,” Reaves said, referring to the text message.

In an interview with Burroughs later that night, Burroughs said that Sinclair wanted to go drinking and riding, then said she wanted to have sex in his driveway. Burroughs told Reaves he didn’t want to do either. He also said that her clothes were in his pickup. Officer found the clothes in a bag in Burroughs’ closet, along with the shirt he had been wearing when they went out.

In the minutes before she was found with the fatal shot through her head, Sinclair called Pine Grove Behavioral Health three times (apparently getting no answer), and Burroughs texts her: “You leave and it’s over forever.” 

Sinclair then attempts five Google searches for the name “Brooke Burroughs,” struggling to spell it right.” A minute later, Burroughs texts her that she’s “breaking a 2,000 dollar garage door!!!!” That was at 8:52 p.m. Burroughs told Reaves it was right after that when he walked out to the garage and she shot herself.

A little more than three minutes later, Burroughs called Kyle Robertson twice, getting him the second time. Almost two minutes later, at 8:58, he dials 911.

The phone that she was using was in Burroughs’ kitchen when officers went inside.

“So, one of the last things she did before being shot was Google her boyfriend’s ex-wife?” Buckley asked.

Reaves said, “Correct.”

In video of the couple at The Loft and Murphy’s USA, they appear to be having a good time together.

In video of Reaves’ interview with Burroughs later that night, the jury heard the investigator ask, “It seems like she just wanted to have a fun night … you from that to killing yourself … that’s a really far stretch.”

Burroughs said, “I agree. But I’ve been completely honest all night long about every single thing.”

Reaves responded, “I’m not so sure about that either.” He went on to say that there were “some inconsistencies” in Burroughs’ stories and the evidence. “It’s something that we’ve got to continue to dig into now because of these inconsistencies.”

Burroughs said that he didn’t wash his hands after touching Sinclair and he said that they had not been fighting. 

Burroughs was wearing a different shirt when officers arrived than he had been wearing a little while earlier, when they were at The Loft and stopped to get beer. In body-cam video after she was shot, Sinclair was wearing the same shirt that she had on that night, but no pants, shoes or undergarments, Reaves said.

Both of Burroughs’ shirts were in evidence, and neither had blood on them. Sinclair’s shirt was not in evidence because it was cut off between the time she was transported from South Central Regional Medical Center to Forrest General, Reaves explained.

A Ruger holster that had been on the console at the time of the shooting was lost in the evidence room of the LPD after it flooded during a thunderstorm, Reaves said.

Testimony will resume Monday morning at the Franklin County courthouse in Meadville with defense attorney Tracy Klein cross-examining Reaves. That’s expected to take three to four hours, then Buckley will get to clarify anything that comes out on redirect. 

Reaves will be the last witness, if Burroughs chooses not to testify.

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