For nearly two months, Cindy Hyde-Smith’s campaign said she could not possibly participate in a debate with her three Senate challengers because her schedule in Washington, D.C., was just too full. 

What a wonderful sense of country and duty. Maybe we have been wrong all along about Hyde-Smith. Maybe she is a different kind of politician who tells the truth and wants to be a tireless voice for Mississippians … 

It also is kind of sad that Hyde-Smith will miss President Donald Trump’s visit tonight (Tuesday) as he campaigns for her in Southaven. I bet she really wants to be there. But, again, we are so heartened that she will be doing the people’s work, probably in a darkened office somewhere in the bowels of the Capitol.

     Trump surely can put on quite a show when campaigning and he likely will do it again. Yes, he will talk about how great Cindy is for a few minutes, then get on to the problems du jour — and taking well-deserved pot-shots at the “fake news” folks wearing CNN hats and MSNBC badges. He will throw out some red meat for one of the reddest states in the nation to gobble up. He will get Mississippians ready for a fight… all while campaigning for someone who will not fight. Ever.

If Cindy Hyde-Smith even had one ounce of fight in her, she would not duck a debate with Chris McDaniel. Why? It would be a knockout like we haven’t seen since Mike Tyson burst onto the boxing scene in the mid-1980s. In those early fights, it was lights-out opponents.

At least those opponents got in the ring, though — something Hyde-Smith will not. And now the Democrat in the race, who might last a few more seconds in the ring with McDaniel, has since announced that he, too, would not debate because if Cindy isn’t there, why should he waste his time? We imagine he watched McDaniel debate already and was looking for a way out anyway.

Like most in politics, when it’s advantageous for Hyde-Smith, she will find a way to get out of her grueling senate schedule, even though she made it pretty darn clear in September that she could not get away for a debate or, we assume, anything else out of D.C. She is the definition of the Establishment politician who is more concerned with her own election efforts and the wishes of her “handlers” than being an independent voice of the people of this state.

Is that what Mississippians really want? A yes woman to Haley Barbour and Mitch McConnell? And why is she so scared to get into a debate? Is it because the people would actually see what kind of senator she is and that, in this political climate, is unacceptable?

Then again, maybe we are wrong. Maybe she is doing the people’s work in D.C. I guess we will see tonight (Tuesday) in Southaven. 

Calendar? What calendar?

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