Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner

According to Yale University website, “Dr. Harvey Risch is Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.” Also, “Dr. Risch is an author of more than 350 original peer-reviewed research publications in the medical literature and those research papers have been cited by other scientific publications more than 44,000 times.

Dr. Risch has an h-index of 94 and is a Member of the Connecticut Academy of Sciences and Engineering.” On Oct. 24, in an interview on Fox News, Dr. Risch repeated what he has been saying since 2020: “There is no question those who have already had COVID have no need to be vaccinated for public health.” He added, “More than 90 studies have shown that natural immunity is strong or stronger than vaccines.”

On Sept. 9, President Biden issued Executive Order 14042 requiring that “all federal contractors provide adequate COVID-19 safeguards for their workforce.” Furthermore, “On Sept. 24, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force issued guidance which included a vaccination requirement for all covered contractor employees.” In other words SFWTF is NOT FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE.

On Oct. 25, the Board of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning issued the following directive: “In accordance with the federal vaccination mandate and this IHL Board Directive, all University employees (except for those employees who qualify for an exemption outlined below) must be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021. This requirement extends to student workers, graduate assistants, part-time and intermittent workers.”

Those who have had COVID-19, have tested positive for antibodies, and have natural immunity from the virus are explicitly denied an exemption, and are mandated to take the vaccine. In other words Mississippi IHL is NOT FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE.

Also on Oct. 25, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed Executive Order 724 to fight the federal vaccine mandate. In a statement she said, “This latest move by the federal government is what I believe is an illegal overreach, and I am confident we will win the battle in the courts.”

During the Fox News interview Dr. Risch said, “When you talk about first line treatment of people for respiratory illness, the front line doctors, the doctors who see patients when they walk into the office, they are the ones with experience in treating covid patients. For example, we know across the country, I surveyed telemedicine groups and large group practices, totals over 150,000 people who have been treated early as outpatients with hydroxy- chloroquine, ivermectin, and other medications, extremely successful, less than two dozen deaths out of that large number of people treated early. They (frontline doctors) are the ones with knowledge of how to treat patients.”

Thousands of doctors around the world have agreed with Dr. Risch. Then Dr. Risch dropped the scientific bomb saying, “If the number of deaths that have been reported around 700,000 Americans is an accurate account, we could

have saved 80 percent or 85 percent at least of those by early, aggressive treatment.”

Why is the federal government mandating vaccines? Why are some states and institutions going along with the mandates? These mandates are not following the science and are not protecting the health of Americans.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville. Contact him at PJandMe2@gmail.com.

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