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How many times have we been told why Donald Trump was elected president? Fringe right-wing kooks ... the Russians ... brainwashed, mindless followers?

Has anyone ever divulged the real reason why about six million more people voted for him for a second term of a presidency that never had a chance or the opportunity to succeed?

For the four years of his presidency, Trump was labeled a traitor. Calls for his impeachment began in the House of Representatives BEFORE he took office. He never had a chance. Every misstep became the lead story. Every tough decision second-guessed on 24-hour news for weeks on end. The intelligence state in this country acted disgracefully, following through on “road-apples” investigations that robbed the treasury and found nothing. Even now, find someone who voted against Donald Trump for a reason other than “It wasn't Donald Trump!” We'll wait.

Trump was his biggest enemy. If he had a public relations army protecting him every step of the way, would his term have been different? Imagine had he been caught using a television studio across the street from the White House for “important” meetings so that our president — the one we are supposed to believe got more votes than any other candidate in history while running a campaign from his basement — can read words written for him by God knows who. Should he meet in the White House, he would have the optics of the teleprompters because he can not cogently answer a question off script. But he is a tool of the government machine that is destroying the United States.

Had Trump been given a chance ... we will never know because he wasn't. Had he been protected, kept the shoes out of his own mouth and let himself be handled, who knows how positive he would be viewed.

He didn’t. And that is why the American people elected him the first time. He didn’t care. He answered any and every question thrown at him, much to his detriment. He did things that made even his most ardent supporters want to throw up. But beyond the warts, the country saw someone who wasn’t “one of them.”

The “one of them” are the likes of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, the two most powerful men in the Senate. Both should have been gone years ago, but they are creatures of the swamp, slithering around to enrich themselves and quench their bloodlust for power. They are loathed by millions for leading the country through another soap opera that has been played for so many years.

Go to set, and ... action: Set the expiration of the debt ceiling — at this point a ridiculous notion to believe anyone cares about the national debt — for October. Have it become really contentious. Talk about $3.5 trillion, $2.2 trillion, $1.7 trillion — confuse the hell out of the average American trying to pay the bills who wants to be left alone. 

Have the entire Republican caucus come out against even considering a horrific $3.5 trillion debt — you know it will be so much more — on a Bernie Sanders dream. Bernie couldn’t get elected, Biden could, a deal was struck ... now see what is happening.

Republicans are united, standing and smiling in front of the camera, most of them old, white and tired — on both sides — working the people into a frenzy with the help of God’s gift to division — 24-hour news, which gobbles it all up.

The clock is ticking. The Fed chief warns we are near the cliff ... Social Security checks will stop flat ... Dear God ... It’s over because the Republicans won’t play ball. Schumer cries on television about grandmothers who will be eating dog food. McConnell, who long should have been sipping sweet tea on the front porch of his Old Kentucky Home, will counter that all this spending will do is raise the debt even more. We are already over $30 trillion ... does it matter?

On the day before the final day, news stations erupt — thank heavens, a deal has been struck. 

You fools. 

The deal had been struck long ago. This is made-for-TV deal-making. McConnell, the turtle and poster boy for The Swamp, has caved. Lindsey Graham is the first to chime in — disgraceful for Mitch to give in, he’ll say with as much honesty as a payday lender.

The deal is to fund the government — does anyone think we are underfunding our government? — for a small amount of time so that a possible deal can be made on other massive spending bills. Then the monstrosity that will break the financial system can be worked on. But when should it be done? Imagine McConnell and Schumer sitting together in a dark room toasting one another. Make the extended deadline to expire ... oh the drama ... right before Christmas!

If ever a holiday has been turned into an emotional, passionate nightmare, it is Christmas. Now talk about Santa being unemployed and the nation about to cause the economic collapse of the world — have it repeated on 24 hour news like the playing of “A Christmas Story” — and get those political passions get stoked.

It’s December and Schumer takes to the microphone as “O, Christmas Tree” plays in the background): “I never thought I would see the day that my Republican friends on the other side of the aisle would stand in unity to rob Americans of Christmas. Should our government default on its debt, the results will be catastrophic and the ones hurt will be our most precious gifts, our children. We must pass this $3.5 trillion spending package for the children ... dare I say, for a Merry Christmas!" 

He will walk away, high-five McConnell on his way to his limousine. Keep the passions stoked, keep chaos as the norm and re-election is in the bag. The swamp is strong and in control. 

And there-in lies your answer to why Trump was elected: he was not one of them. 

Now look at the price we are paying.

Sean Murphy is the managing editor of the Laurel Leader-Call. Contact him at

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