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Despicable, repugnant, desperate and ludicrous is how I would describe the Democrats’ celebration of the one-year anniversary of the breach at the Capitol building last year. And, make no mistake about it, in spite of the somber tones and fake indignity, the Democrats were celebrating the anniversary of Jan. 6.

It started with Vice President Kamala Harris comparing a crowd getting out of hand at the Capitol resulting in one unarmed Trump supporter being shot to death last year to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941

that killed 2,403 Americans, and radical Muslim terrorists flying planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 that killed close to 3,000 people.

What an insult to every brave American soldier who has fought for this country as well as the families of everyone who was lost on 9/11. And the fact that this speech, which I’m sure was written by a top left-wing speech writer, was approved by the White House and the leaders of the Democrat Party prove that Joe Biden and the left-wing in this country have absolutely no desire to unite the country. In fact, it proves the complete opposite. By comparing Trump supporters to our enemies in World War II and to radical Islamic terrorists, Democrats want their communist followers to view Trump supporters as exactly that — radical enemy terrorists.

Kamala Harris followed up her asinine comparisons by making a plea to Congress to pass new voting laws so that the Democrats could steal more elections, which was the exact reason there was a huge crowd outside of the Capitol last year.

Then the celebration continued with Sleepy Joe slamming President Trump, over and over and over. And it ended with a nonsensical candlelight vigil led by the Swamp Queen herself Nancy Pelosi. It was all pure, politically-partisan theater designed to make sure that Trump supporters continue to be viewed as “deplorables” instead of the patriotic Americans that 99 percent of them are.

This was also a left-wing political hit job designed to take the focus away from the absolute total failure of the left wing’s policies and Joe Biden presidency that are destroying the country. In an emailed response to the Democrats Jan. 6 celebration, President Trump wrote, “January 6 has become the Democrats’ excuse and pretext for the most chilling assault on the civil liberties of American citizens in generations. It is being used to justify outrageous attacks on free speech, widespread censorship, de-platforming, calls for increased domestic surveillance, appalling abuse of political prisoners, labeling opponents of COVID lockdowns and mandates as national security threats, and even ordering the FBI to target parents who object to the radical indoctrination of their children in school. And this week, January 6 is also the Democrats’ excuse for trying to pass a radical Federal takeover of state election law. They are trying to BAN voter ID and other basic measures that can ensure the sacred integrity of the vote.”

As always, Trump nails it. Joe Biden and his left-wing cronies are using the events of Jan. 6 to spread their totalitarian socialist policies and to ensure that elections are rigged in the future. And here is the real kicker. There is some pretty strong evidence that Nancy Pelosi and the federal government were actually behind the events of Jan. 6, 2021. You won’t find this anywhere other than Tucker Carlson, but videotape doesn’t lie. There was one man caught on videotape who was clearly an instigator of the breach at the capital. He was caught on tape telling Trump supporters that they needed to “go into the Capitol.” When he repeats that Trump supporters need to “go into the Capitol,” the crowd actually seems to smell him out and starts chanting, “Fed, fed, fed.”

That man has been identified as Ray Epps of Queen Creek, Ariz., yet he and another man who was up on scaffolding in front of the Capitol directing people to breach the building have yet to be arrested. More than 500 people have been arrested and charged with federal crimes, but not the two main instigators. Why? In October, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted this out about Mr. Epps and the man on the scaffolding:

“I questioned Attorney General Garland about whether there were Federal Agents present on 1/6 and whether they agitated to go into the Capitol. Attorney General Garland refused to answer.”

Of course the farcical Jan. 6 commission put together by Nancy Pelosi is never going to look into this matter. The purely political commission has only two goals, which are to make sure that the blame for the breach is put on President Trump and that Trump supporters are villainized as much as possible. The other factor as to why the Jan. 6 commission won’t look deeply into the real reason behind the Jan. 6 breach is because Nancy Pelosi herself was responsible for security at the Capitol. Rep. Jim Banks was rejected from serving on the Jan. 6 commission as was Rep. Jim Jordan because Pelosi only wanted anti-Trump Republicans on the commission. Banks stated that Pelosi is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the Capitol that happened on Jan. 6.

As speaker, Pelosi appoints the House sergeant at arms who oversees the department.

And it is very clear that there was a serious breakdown in the security protocol at the Capitol on Jan. 6. There is videotape of police officers moving aside barriers so that protesters had easier access to the Capitol building. There were Capitol police officers taking selfies with the so-called Trump “terrorists,” and it is clear from photos and video that the Capitol police had done nothing in the way of preparing for a large crowd even though they had ample warning that they were coming.

Maybe there is an innocent explanation for the two main instigators not being arrested and a Capitol police force that seemed to almost welcome the protesters into the building. But we will never know the answer because the only answer that the left-wing partisans like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris want us to hear is, “Donald Trump and the more than 74 million people who voted for him are evil terrorists that must be eliminated.” But it will backfire.

That kind of message and their vile Jan. 6 celebration will only harden the resolve of “deplorables” across this country.

Leader-Call Publisher Jim Cegielski lives in Laurel.

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