Useful idiots

I know some of you saw me respond to an idiotic liberal critic on our Facebook page and were wondering, “What’s up with that?” Well, if you are wondering why I broke one of my own cardinal rules of not engaging the trolls, please let me explain.

Jim Cegielski mug

Jim Cegielski

Last Thursday, our editorial blasted President Biden for celebrating the “Inflation Reduction Act” while at the same time a new inflation report had the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanking to the tune of 1,200 points in a single day. It was also posted online. Anyone with half of a brain knows that the “Inflation Reduction Act” has nothing to do with inflation and everything to do with runaway government spending on “The New Green Deal.” It’s a continuation of the Biden Administration’s “keep lying to the American public because our useful idiots in the media and on Facebook will continue to defend us without questioning anything.”

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Not that anyone comes here for professional journalism but we can pretent


Wow, airing out the family's dirty laundry on your "America's Newspaper", a new low I'd say. And instead of the usual insults, I think a lot of people in your area would be interested to know your thoughts on the Favre/DHS scandal. It's wrong on so many levels and directly effects local people. It's everything you say you hate: wasted tax dollars, corruption, dishonesty. So often this paper is quick to criticize the left but turns a blind eye to the wrongdoing of conservatives. That kind of blind loyalty is far from professional journalism.

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