It’s June 10, 1944. Well, it’s the events surrounding the D-Day invasion on Normandy, France, four days prior. But imagine that is today’s America. Imagine 24-hour cable TV news stations reporting — and I use that term lightly — on the invasion and its aftermath.

Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy

So, if you will, pretend for a few minutesthat it is June 10, 1944 and President Trump is the commander-in-chief. The D-Day invasion started four days ago…

(Dramatic sound effects:) BREAKING NEWS!!! Civilians killed in Trump-led raid

BRUCE THE ANCHOR: Human rights groups are decrying an offensive launched by American and British forces during an operation known as D-Day. Frightened residents said men came descending from the skies as bombs went off in the streets, killing women and children. Estimates are hundreds, if not thousands dead. We take you now to Anthony Gunn in war-torn France. Anthony

ANTHONY: Thanks, Bill. Newly released cellphone video appears to show American troops brutally beating and killing civilians who had gotten caught up in the fighting. The video was loaded to Facebook and has gone viral. It is unclear if an international authority might intervene. 

Now let’s take you to a barn in the southern edge of Normandy where our own Sally Smith has a harrowing tale of American and Allied bombs falling on the area. Sally …

SALLY: Thank you, Anthony. We are here with Yvonne DesPlaits and her 6-year-old daughter Cosette. “Cosette, sweety, what was it like having those bombs fall so close? It must have been terrible?”

COSETTE: It was so scary. They flattened everything. We have nothing. (Crying) Did it have to be so bad?

SALLY: Yes, Bruce, many in this town  have lost everything. It is unclear when aid organizations will reach the town with desperately needed supplies, but estimates put the civilian casualties at well into the thousands. Those who made it are tired and hungry — and want to know why the bombs fell — but they’re alive.

Bruce, back to you.

BRUCE: Thanks, Sally. Let’s bring in our panel. Let’s start with Bill Pennywhacker, former adviser to New York Secretary of State Hugh Fromm. Bill, is the force we have seen here necessary? Could diplomatic relations between our president and Hitler have been reached?

BILL: It appeared as if the president had no intention of trying to come to a peaceful conclusion on this. This is proof that, unlike the title of his book, he is incapable of making a deal. There are a lot of people suffering now because of his recklessness.

BRUCE: Jen Markis, your thoughts?

JEN: As a mother, first, and former psychologist, I was appalled at the footage I saw. I just wonder, Was it needed? We are on dangerous ground right now. Our president obviously wants war. I think the absence of any sort of diplomatic solution says everything you need to know about this president and why a change is so desperately needed.

BRUCE: Hold on, we have just heard that as many as 10,000 Allied soldiers were killed on the beaches at Normandy. Bill, what, if any, responsibility does the president have for the deaths of these young men?

BILL: I can say that he has to hold some responsibility. 

JEN: This president absolutely has to bear responsibility for this travesty.

 BRUCE: Hold on... Senate Majority Leader Ninny Laposi is holding a news conference… we will take you there live now…

NINNY: As you have seen from the horrible videos coming out of France, the president has crossed a Congressional red line. When Congress, that is the people, gave him the power to invade another country, we did it with hesitation, hoping that his good senses would prevail. Now, we are facing the consequences of trusting him with that power. The American people should be appalled. 

Let me bring in Senate Minority Leader Charles Schlumber.

SCHLUMBER: In an effort to gin up his rabid right-wing base, the president has launched America on a reckless crusade toward defeat. How much longer must we stand for his brand of leadership? He is no leader, he’s a divider. I think this action immediately needs to be put under scrutiny and I call on the House of Representatives to call a special session to find out how so many American young lives were lost and, more importantly, who knew what when.


BRUCE: A visibly peeved Ninny Laposi believes the president has made a colossal mistake, costing civilians and American military personnel their lives… Bill?

BILL: Ninny is right on point. The president is not a dictator and should start acting like a president and not thrust us into another war. It proves the saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

BRUCE: When we come back, live interviews with a general on the beach.

DRAMATIC EXIT MUSIC… (hum the Jeopardy theme song now)


 BRUCE: We take you now to reporter Hop Snuff with General Hershey. Hop…

HOP: Thanks, Bruce, we are here with Gen. Frank Hershey on the water’s edge where it appears this offensive has cost many American and Allied lives. General, some have said this operation was reckless coming from an out-of-control president, do you agree?

GENERAL: Son, ridding the earth of the likes of Adolf Hitler, Imperial Japan and Mussolini in Italy is the only thing that stands between life in bondage or a life of the freedom you are taking terrible advantage of. Don’t you get it? Many, many, many people — both good and bad — will be paying dearly for this war. It is sad, but it is necessary. War is hell. Do I want to be here on this beach seeing what Hell looks like? No, I don’t. But some things need to be done.

HOP: And to those in and out of government, including administration sources inside the White House who have said diplomacy could have worked if only the president and his team put forth a bit more effort at reaching a peace deal?

GENERAL: Ich hoffe du sprichst gerne Deutsch. (I hope you like to speak German)

Sean Murphy is editor of the Leader-Call. Email him at


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