My appearance on the Dr. Phil show is tentatively scheduled to air this coming Wednesday, Sept. 16. As I wrote last week, I was asked to be on the show because of a column I wrote entitled “The War against White People,” but I had to sign a release saying I wouldn’t write about the appearance and, more importantly, about the behind-the-scenes activity leading up to the appearance, without getting permission from the producers. I asked for that permission and, as expected, it was denied.  

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

Now why in the world wouldn’t the producers of a national TV show want a columnist to write about his experience with that particular show? Seems counter productive — unless, of course, said producers don’t want others to know what guests are told about an appearance and what actually takes place. If you watch the show, just know that I was prepared for a “fair debate.” You can judge for yourselves if you think that is what this was or not.

Unfortunately, this Dr. Phil show — which hasn’t even aired yet — has already caused me great heartache. And it’s probably a heartache that a lot of American families are suffering right now with the division that the left wing has been sowing in America. 

When I was asked to be on the show, I sent out a group text to certain close family members, including both of my daughters. Everyone immediately responded with resounding excitement except for one person — my older daughter Emily. From Emily, I received nothing … nada … crickets chirping.

I’m not going to lie. This was pretty crushing, and I had a hard time getting over it. I’ve always been very close to both of my daughters, and politics certainly shouldn’t get in the way of that. However, I know the current divisiveness in this country is affecting families like never before.

The Civil War has the reputation of being a time when brother fought against brother, but that would have been rare and mostly restricted to border states. This time, the division is wreaking havoc on families all over America. I had a friend tell me this week that he has been disowned by his daughter and his niece. Millions of people are no longer talking to relatives, friends and neighbors because of politics.  

It’s sad and only bound to get worse as radicalism seems to be taking hold.   Heck, what can you expect when the left-wing media, Hollywood, universities and sports are all pushing the narrative that all white people are privileged and racist. Young people who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter, all received trophies and all told they were special buy into that garbage, while older people like me — who was never handed anything except a stick across the backside — and had to struggle to lift themselves out of poverty know what a complete crock of B.S. it is.

Emily, who celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday, finally called me and apologized for not responding to my Dr. Phil appearance. I told her that I would hope after living with me for most of her life and never hearing or witnessing anything that would qualify as the least bit bigoted that she wouldn’t suddenly conclude that I’ve turned into a white supremacist.

She mentioned, “Well, you wrote a column entitled ‘The War against White People,’” and I immediately asked her, “Did you read the column?” She said, “no,” and I told her to read it and then let me know what she thinks is racist about it and what she disagrees with.  I hope she takes the time to do so.

I’d love to have a real civil conversation about politics and the state of the world with Emily because I truly believe she, along with most millennials — especially those in the media world — write to please each other and don’t want to be ostracized because they were the one person brave enough to tell the truth, take an unpopular stand or not succumb to the mind-numbing group-think that is driven by the media and dominates the culture of young people.   

But it’s probably never going to happen. Our only recent conversation about politics occurred last Christmas while we were playing one of those fill-in-the-blank games and the question was something about a nickname for the president. Not surprisingly, Emily’s answer was some sort of expletive, and I took it as an opportunity to try to figure out why she hated the president so much. I got the stock left-wing answer of “he’s a racist and misogynist.” When I countered with, “There is no evidence that he is racist and at least half of our presidents, including Clinton and Kennedy, were misogynists,” she shouted, “He was just impeached” and ran upstairs, ending any further discussion.

Unfortunately, this is what families around America are having to deal with. Irrational Trump Derangement Syndrome, which is being driven by the left-wing media. Trump’s a horrible person, so instead let’s turn the country into a socialist totalitarian society where all white people are deemed as racists and everyone better repeat the mantra of the left or face cancellation. Let’s ignore the fact that Joe Biden is the only real racist running for president. Let’s ignore the fact that Trump’s policies were actually working and making America great again by bringing back manufacturing jobs and ushering in a booming economy with record low unemployment, defeating ISIS, brokering a peace deal in the Middle East and ending the never-ending wars that America has been fighting since the beginning of time. Let’s ignore the fact that the worst cities and states in America are all run by Democrats. Let’s ignore rioting, looting, vandalism and attacks on police officers, small business owners and law-abiding Trump supporters.

Let’s ignore the fact that Democrats are OK with tens of thousands of people protesting on the streets, but hair salons aren’t allowed to open … unless it is for Nancy Pelosi. Let’s ignore the fact that Democrats are blaming President Trump for not taking a harsh enough stance to stop COVID-19, but it was Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who were critical of him for stopping flights from China. Let’s ignore the fact that reporters ask questions of President Trump like he’s Adolf Hitler while asking questions of Joe Biden like he is a special-ed kindergarten student. Let’s ignore the fact that Democrats have spent four years trying to overturn the results of the last election and now want to subvert the results of this election by pushing mail-in-voting.   

Screw the best interests of the country because the president made fun of someone.   

I don’t know how you prepare for it, but at least be aware. When the Democrats attempt to steal the election 52 days from now, all heck will break loose, and this time, it will be brother against brother, husband against wife and, sadly, daughter against father.  God help us.

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.


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I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone in my way of thinking. Unfortunately I’m surrounded by liberals that don't pay attention to what's really taking place in the world today. They sit and watch the mainstream media and take it all in like its gospel. We are in a very fragile state in America today. It’s doubtful that we can get out of this unscathed.


True in a lot of families, sadly.

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