As a Mississippi state senator, I can’t blame Chris McDaniel for not getting involved in local Jones County political races. However, I still wish he would. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know where he would stand on certain candidates.

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

If you are like me and listened to his radio show “The Right Side,” have read his frequent newspaper columns and supported his last two runs for the United States Senate, you already know what McDaniel stands for and how he feels about certain issues.

For example, we know for a fact that Chris is for term limits. We know Chris is for draining the swamp. We know he is against politicians using their power to enrich themselves. We know he would be disgusted with anyone who dodged a debate the same way that Cindy Hyde-Smith dodged one with him. We know he is against raising taxes, against overly inflated budget increases, and is for cutting expenses as much as possible. And we know that McDaniel is always the first person to stand up and speak out against political corruption.

Therefore, we know that McDaniel would be horrified that some of his supporters would vote for a corrupt, debate-dodging, power-hungry, tax-raising, publicity-seeking, part-time sheriff and swamp creature like Alex Hodge.

Don’t believe me? 

Well, here is a fake interview between the Leader-Call and McDaniel using questions we would love to ask him but answering using Chris’ OWN WORDS that can be found on his Facebook page.

LL-C: Chris, what do you think about Alex Hodge wanting to stack the deck on the Board of Supervisors so that he can obtain a huge budget increase while ramming a huge tax increase down the throats of Jones County citizens?

Chris: “Each and every dollar taken by the government empowers politicians, stifles the economy and encourages corruption. So why do we not fight to keep the fruits of our labor? Why do we surrender our economic rights so freely?”

LL-C: Do you think it’s odd that Hodge, who runs as a Republican, spends money like a Democrat?

Chris: “What’s the most dangerous fiscal approach:  a liberal’s spending plan that bankrupts us in 5 years, or a RINO’s spending plan that bankrupts us in 15 years?

LL-C: Chris, I’m not sure you should answer a question with another question, but I get your point. Let me ask you this. Do you think that it is right that the sheriff in Jones County has not only split his time between that job and running another business, but has also used his power as sheriff to turn that business into a multimillion-dollar behemoth, enriching himself while at the same time asking taxpayers to pony up a lot more for him to do his job?

Chris: “The longer I serve in politics, the more I see behind the curtain, the more jaded I become. Principle and honor seldom matter. Integrity is sold to the highest bidder. And sacrificing one’s principles is justified as ‘playing the game.’ I wish the people could see. I wish they would listen. I wish they would fight. I wish they would engage. I wish they were so angry they would throw all of us out of office. Perhaps, then, they would regain their rightful place in the system.”

LL-C: I know that you have heard of the publicity stunt raid that took place out on Lyon Ranch Road and the humiliation that was suffered by an elderly couple, including a Purple Heart-decorated war hero. Do you have any explanation why this sheriff wouldn’t have at least stepped foot on the property and offered that elderly couple some help instead of staging a spectacle for television and his own internet show?

Chris (imagining that he is shaking his head in disgust and with a tear slowly rolling down his face): “The most important reason for a government’s existence is to preserve the liberty of its citizens”

LL-C: What would you say to a sheriff who holds a press conference about a story we ran on our front  page and then claims that he “doesn’t read the Leader-Call,” tells citizens that he has not heard that his department is being investigated by the state auditor’s office, even though everyone in Jones County knows it, and has a second-in-command who publicly laughs at the idea of planting drugs on LL-C employees.

Chris: “This is what insanity looks like…”

LL-C: Right. That’s what I think, too. Hodge and (Maj. Jamie) Tedford have definitely lost their minds. Did you know that they have their panties in such a wad that they refuse to send us press releases and make us file Freedom of Information requests simply to obtain an incident report?

Chris: “There is nothing avant-garde or intellectual about censorship.”

LL-C: It’s hard to believe, but it doesn’t seem to matter what this sheriff does. From humiliating a war hero suffering from myriad illnesses, to letting the rich and powerful out of drunk-driving accidents, to using his position to enrich himself, to forcing a huge tax increase down the throats of Jones County citizens, to being investigated by the state auditor’s office, to allowing 18 (and counting) felons to walk free because he didn’t get warrants served in a timely manner, well, Chris … the list goes on and on and yet, a lot of Hodge supporters continue to stand by him, claiming that these are all lies made up by the Leader-Call. Chris, you and I both know that any newspaper that prints lies as actual news would be sued into oblivion. Everything we have reported is 100 percent true. These people call us liars but never give us a single example of what we have actually lied about.  

Chris: “Blind allegiance to any politician is troublesome”. 

LL-C: You said it.

Chris: “The establishment is still winning. Because the people are easily deceived.” “… If the same old establishment politicians continue, year after year, to take advantage of voter ignorance to keep getting re-elected, who are we supposed to blame — the politicians or the voters?” “… We are being sold out by politicians. But they raise the money and the people keep falling for it.”

LL-C: Since a lot of people who supported you are still supporting Alex Hodge, why don’t you tell us what the biggest difference is between you and the sheriff?

Chris: I didn’t write this but I live by it. “To me public service means serving the people without expectation of personal or political gain.”

LL-C: Thanks, Chris, for this non-interview.

Chris: “I hope you had a wonderful Christmas morning! Thank you for being our friends.” 

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.

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