I would hope by now that it is clear to everyone that the protesting, rioting, looting, vandalism and anarchy that has gripped this nation has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd. It doesn’t even have anything to do with ending racism. Actually, it is the complete opposite. It has everything to do with promoting racism, but this time it is racism against white people. It’s about the false narrative that white people are evil and must be punished for the crime of being born white.

Jim Cegielski mug

Jim Cegielski

Just look what has happened with NASCAR, a sport that has a fan base that is predominantly white. First, they banned Confederate flags while at the same time embracing Black Lives Matter, a group that is the equivalent of the KKK. This is a group that openly hates white people. Even their name is racist. Yes, black lives matter but no more than Chinese lives, Hispanic lives or white lives. But BLM is worse than just a group that hates white people. This is a group that openly and proudly calls for the murder of police officers. Yet NASCAR, The NFL and just about every other sport openly embrace them.

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