I would hope by now that it is clear to everyone that the protesting, rioting, looting, vandalism and anarchy that has gripped this nation has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd. It doesn’t even have anything to do with ending racism. Actually, it is the complete opposite. It has everything to do with promoting racism, but this time it is racism against white people. It’s about the false narrative that white people are evil and must be punished for the crime of being born white.

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

Just look what has happened with NASCAR, a sport that has a fan base that is predominantly white. First, they banned Confederate flags while at the same time embracing Black Lives Matter, a group that is the equivalent of the KKK. This is a group that openly hates white people. Even their name is racist. Yes, black lives matter but no more than Chinese lives, Hispanic lives or white lives. But BLM is worse than just a group that hates white people. This is a group that openly and proudly calls for the murder of police officers. Yet NASCAR, The NFL and just about every other sport openly embrace them.

And don’t even get me started on the billions of dollars of corporate money that is being thrown at this terrorist organization. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Nike are just a few of the dozens of big corporations that are treating a domestic terrorist organization like this one as the second coming of the Boys and Girls Club of America. It’s sick, it’s appeasement and it’s no better than those who supported the Nazi Party in 1920.

But back to NASCAR. After their lone black driver, Bubba Wallace, who drives a Black Lives Matter car, claimed that a noose was found in his assigned garage at Talladega Superspeedway, NASCAR put on a big show of support for Wallace even though there was absolutely no proof that anyone had committed any sort of racist act. Of course, the media, which is hyping the crap out of the “racist white America” (read Donald Trump supporter) narrative because they believe it helps Joe Biden, played the story to the hilt. This mysterious noose was all the proof they needed that every white person in America is indeed a racist devil.

The story gets worse. No fewer than 15 FBI special agents descended on Talladega Superspeedway to apprehend the culprit. Because let’s face it, this was the crime of the century. Apparently, much worse than the murder of 3-year-old toddler Mekhi James, who was gunned down in Chicago over the Father’s Day weekend or the more than 100 other Chicagoans who were shot on that same weekend. No, that was black on black violence and it is apparently of no concern because it is too difficult to pin those on evil white people.

We still have no idea who shot and killed innocent little Mekhi James, but fortunately, the FBI was able to get to the bottom of the mysterious NASCAR noose. Apparently the “noose” wasn’t a noose at all and instead was a pull for a garage door. It took one day to figure out through video evidence that the “noose” had been hanging in that particular garage since October 2019 and had absolutely nothing to do with Bubba Wallace or his Black Lives Matter car. Of course, instead of apologizing for creating a racist witch hunt, Wallace went on the leftwing networks to insist that indeed the rope he saw was an actual noose.  

In the meantime, Mekhi James is still dead and very few people seem to care about that. As a matter of fact, the only way Mekhi James’ death would get the attention it deserves is if he would have been killed by a white person. CNN and their ilk would have devoted hundreds of hours to that story because it fits the false narrative they want to jam down our throats.

A few years ago, I wrote a column in response to the call to take down Confederate statues and change the Mississippi state flag. At that time I wrote that if you appeased the left and gave into those demands then it would only be a matter of time before they came after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the American flag.   

Well, I’m not claiming to be Nostradamus as it wasn’t a hard prediction to make, but it’s now upon us. A Portland, Ore., statue of George Washington, the father of this nation and the soul of everything we stand for, had an American flag draped over his head, lit on fire and then toppled to the ground and defaced. The perpetrators of that crime should have been bayoneted to death. Instead, nothing happened to them. They were appeased.

Black Lives Matter and their white Marxist brethren in Antifa don’t want to simply demonize white America, they want to destroy it. What they are doing to our monuments is symbolic of what they openly admit they want to do to America — burn it to the ground. Democrats, the media and large corporations better be careful of supporting the terrorist anti-American behavior of both of these groups because they will eventually turn on them.  

It’s not just Washington, Jefferson and Christopher Columbus statues that are under attack. The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized and a Ulysses S. Grant statue was toppled. What were the sins of Lincoln and Grant in the eyes of these terrorists? My guess is they were white. Does anyone really believe that these same people are going to accept a demented old white guy named Joe Biden as their president?

And just this week, Sean King, a leader in the BLM movement, called for the tearing down of murals, stained glass and statues of Jesus Christ, calling them “a gross form of white supremacy.” These are the people Americans are appeasing.

Like the Nazis, BLM and Antifa are attempting to take over a country through violence, intimidation and fear. They want to erase our history, disrupt our way of life and then control our future. And we are allowing them to do exactly that.

President Trump finally sent in the National Guard to protect our monuments in Washington, D.C. I don’t know why it took him so long. And where are Republicans in general? Sadly, the Republican Party is America’s only hope of being saved from a Marxist totalitarian future in which all of the freedoms that this country was founded on are stripped away. People will be persecuted for merely speaking their mind or, worse yet, for being born white. It’s already happening. The Democrats and media are clearly on the side of the anarchists. All we have left is the Republicans, but the Republicans are oddly and dangerously quiet.    

I’m sure many of you are asking the same thing that I am, “Why am I outraged by what is going on in this country but none of our elected officials are doing anything about it?” Are they scared?Are they in hiding?  This isn’t a time for cowardice. This isn’t a time for appeasement.  Millions of Jews died because the Nazis were appeased and allowed to flourish. This time the victims of totalitarianism won’t be European Jews, it will be white middle-class Americans.

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.


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Ok I am a Latina my dads side and Jewish and black my moms side. I want to let you know they are not just against white people but half whites , lighter skinned Latinos, native Americans etc. they are using these people to help there agenda, because blm matter alone just blacks really doesn’t have enough power. These other groups are merging in with them for there separate justice issues, but secretly it’s a group of african Americans that hate lite skinned fair skinned african Americans and white . They don’t care if you are Latino or native or half white and black it’s all about color and features. I know this for a fact even though I am not white I have been told many years before my ancestors who were white probably enslaved there people and all my life I have been treated badly because I’m not really black enough. Mariah Carey, Alicia keys are lite skinned they are tolerated by blacks but they want you to denounce any white blood lines and many who were protesting were white , Latino and half whites thinking well I have a little black, that dumb one drop rule they use is not even legit in Latin America and they are telling latinos oh you are black you’re not mexico or there’s no such thing as native Americans they’re really black etc. as you said all these people thinking they are supporting a cause to create equality you are being fooled,if they get there way no matter how much you protested or threw a bottle at a cop they more than likely will come after you for harm. If they are racist to me how much more to you, the whole plan is to overturn government and make whites pay and people who appear to be all white or if you look European , the whole plan has been get rid of Jesus because he really supposed to be Nigerian black get rid of Israel , Jews, mixed raced kids etc. only blacks that look black and no police and to destroy everything then go from country to country . Hash tag blm on a social media group and u will see the hate and plans . Of course the government and other countries can help but they make the mistake of thinking it will stop it may slow down but bullies never stop. Protesting is one thing but as a Latina who has some black blood I have been insulted way before this mess even by friends and ex boyfriends. All blacks are not bad or Mexicans or whites, but come on can’t you see it’s about black supremacy and I don’t mean a person that has some african blood, it is a color thing . Jesus himself couldn’t be mixed african American white lite hair or lite eyes , even if Jesus came from Africa instead of Middle East that’s not good enough they will come after Church saints and Mary etc. because everything is black , all things are lies to them. No one knows what Jesus looked like he can’t even be Native American color but Fred locks. Can’t even look Arab which is probably his real color they still will hate , hate on whites and lite skinned non african looking people , even foreign . If the win they will come after us too


Dear Mr. Ceielski,

I am a white 70 year old man who grew up in Jones County during the 50’s and 60’s. I remember the way blacks were treated then. I hear the voices that the only good black man is a dead black man. I also heard that the only good Indian is a dead Indian. I graduated from a segregated high school. I remember Sam Bowers and the KKK. My grandfathers fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Needless to say, I am not surprised but I am deeply enraged concerning your editorial in the Laurel Leader Call. I am not surprised that you feel the Republican party is the only hope. Your rhetoric reeks of the fear spread by the Klan during the years of my youth concerning the registration of blacks in Mississippi to vote.

Black Lives Matter states something whites do not want to hear. I cannot believe they had to wait this long. You mention the toppling of the statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other founders of our country. These men declared that black lives were 3/5 of a human being. How would you feel if you were treated like that by a government and people who declared that all men are created equal? I cannot believe you think people should be speared. That reeks of the days of Jim Crow and the Klan. Are you a member of the Klan?

Speaking of all this, the “white people” who came to America were instrumental in the genocide of 130 million indigenous Americans who owned the land we took from them. The “white people” brought 12 million Africans to this country in chains to be slaves so “white people” could get rich. Your article continues to incite the “white attitude” by declaring all this is due to blacks hating whites.

The cop out many whites use states they didn’t do this. It was our ancestors and that is history. Yet, we must realize that the sins of the mothers and fathers are passed down through the generations. I don’t agree with all the looting and destruction of property. I do admit that we have sinned and we need to change. I do feel this is not a war against me as much as it is a war against a system that continues to treat Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Indigenous Americans less than equals.

I cannot change the past but I can help change the future and so can all of us. We need to learn how to treat each other as we want to be treated and that includes Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people.

Roy Pearson


The cop out many whites use states they didn’t do this. It was our ancestors and that is history. "Yet, we must realize that the sins of the mothers and fathers are passed down through the generations"

First of all not all white people are related around the same time all the slavery in the us was happening people in Russia where going through a massive economy problem and dhere cannibalizing other people because there wasn't any food.

Did they have slaves did they benefit from the slave owners money in the us probably not seeing as how not every white person owned slaves and there where black slave owners in Southern usa aswell and besides you dont know what a persons ancestors history is its not like black people or any other contry/culture are saints.

slavery alone is a very old tradition humans have been doing it for a very long time literally thousands of years and yet a few hundred targeted to one group and now every humsn who fits those criminals discription is now seen as just as bad even if you aren't related to any slave owner.

At one time in Africa if you where born albino (white) they would kill the baby a person i knew in highschool immagrated from Mongolia and he was black but his leg was white but he would cover that leg he told me in his country if people where to see something like a white limb they would cut it off. His parents died that way he said pretty fucked up story i think.



Jerry Smith

I could not have said it better myself.


Right on, Jim. I don’t owe any race anything and I refuse to apologize for being white. I have black friends whom I love dearly and they me. I will not apologize for what happened in the past, and my friends do not expect me to feel guilty.

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