Even though President Trump is now the third U.S. President ever to be impeached by the House, we all know he will never be removed from office. Not only is the evidence flimsy at best, but Democrats are nowhere close to the 67 votes needed to remove Trump from office. Impeachment seems nothing more than a simple effort to embarrass the President. 

Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel

Trump knows he is not going to be removed from office, and he is, understandably, upset over the ordeal. There are reports that he is plotting revenge against Democrats for impeaching him. One involves suing Adam Schiff or perhaps others. However, this is not the right course for him to take.

There are other more effective ways to retaliate against Democrats than bringing a lawsuit that is likely to go nowhere: Win at the ballot box, eliminate their cherished socialist programs and finally institute a conservative agenda for America.

The first and perhaps most effective method of revenge is winning a second term. No impeached President has ever won a second term. True, no one has been given a chance, but Trump can be the first, and it will undoubtedly help restore his legacy. 

Secondly, win back the House. Trump has already raised an enormous sum of money for his campaign and also for the RNC. If his prodigious fundraising continues for another year, he will have ample amounts of cash to help Republicans oust Democrats in districts Trump won in 2016, which should be enough to win back control.

These two electoral priorities will take the sting out of impeachment and re-cast his legacy on a more positive note. 

And, finally, pass a new and robust legislative program that gives the Democrats nothing in the budget or their other legislative priorities. To help with this, the Republican-controlled Senate should eradicate the filibuster rule and pass new policies. For two years, at least, it should be a conservative government:

1. Immigration — Nothing will unnerve liberals more than carrying out the promise of border security. So, let’s build the wall, use the military to seal shut the border, allow “red states” to assist in the enforcement of immigration laws, and pass restrictions on the number of newcomers entering legally every year. 

2. Balance the budget with spending cuts — Stop caving to Democratic demands and slash spending across the board. Cut into the left’s cherished welfare state, defund special interest groups like Planned Parenthood, and eliminate cabinet departments like Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, Commerce, Labor and Education. 

3. Reform entitlements — Make the necessary changes to Medicare to save it, while vastly reforming Medicaid until it serves only the neediest without bankrupting state budgets.  Impose work requirements for non-disabled welfare recipients and reinforce the notion that welfare should be a temporary solution, not a lifetime habit. 

4. Real tax reform — Throw out the entire liberal tax code in favor of a simple flat tax.

5. Reassert the 10th Amendment — The 10th Amendment says that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Allow the states to claim sovereignty over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.  To recapture the liberties we once possessed, we must understand that the solutions to our current problems will not be found through nationalized power.  Resist growing federal power and allow the states to be laboratories for experimentation.

6. “Right to Work” legislation — People should be allowed to work in the United States without being forced to join a union. Union membership should be voluntary, not forced.  Also, all federal public sector unions should be de-certified at once. By doing so, Trump can begin sweeping all federal departments and agencies clean of lifelong liberal bureaucrats.

And that is just the beginning.

Moreover, the Attorney General and the Republican Senate should immediately launch investigations into Democratic corruption, looking into both the Bidens and the Clintons, with the goal of finally bringing indictments.

An aggressive conservative agenda will do far more the hinder liberals than any lawsuit or other action.  

Radical liberals have sowed the wind; now, let them reap the whirlwind.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel is from Ellisville.

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