My political columns of late have inspired a lot of people to send correspondence, and I’d say that right now, it seems to be about 50/50 “hate” versus “love” mail. I guess this makes a lot of sense since the country’s residents seem to be split 50/50 on whether they want to embrace the foundation of democracy and individual freedom that our Founding Fathers put in place or tear the country apart through anarchy and replace it with a cross between global socialism and Marxist totalitarianism.  

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

One of the more interesting things I’ve found is that my letters of support and/or thanks seem to be coming in from all over the country. I’m delighted that my column is being passed around or found online, and I think the reason it is being appreciated in places such as Maine, California and Florida is that there just isn’t anyone brave enough to stand up and speak the truth in those states because, quite frankly, you open yourself up for being targeted by the cancel culture and attacked.

And, of course, I’ve been targeted and attacked quite viciously. But what is surprising to me is that 90 percent of these attacks come from right here in Mississippi. I’ve been called every expletive you can imagine (and some you can’t), and it is no surprise that the cancel culture has gone after me on social media. Just like the national Democrats, instead of posing any rational argument countering any of my columns, they fall back on name-calling and the time-tested and very lazy “You’re a racist/KKK member/Nazi/fascist” attack.  

If I worked for the old corporate-owned Leader-Call, I’m sure their attacks would have worked and I would have been canceled/fired by now. It has to drive some of these people insane when they find out that I actually own the paper and, thus far, I have refused to cancel myself.

Even though most of the “hate” mail I receive isn’t fit to be reprinted, this past weekend, I did receive the following email that is G-rated enough to print, and it highlights the type of widespread ignorance that could put Biden over the top and push the country into an economic and social death spiral. The letter wasn’t signed, but the name “Paul Anderson” was included in the sender’s email, so I’m assuming it was from some guy named Paul Anderson, possibly from Jones County and possibly not.

“Only President Trump can make America great. Or can he? Here’s at least one thing that only he has managed to do: prostrate himself at the feet of Vladimir Putin, behave like a doormat, like Putin’s butch (sp?), and embarrass all of America and yet not be gutted by what used to be the party of conservative principles. Your whining frantic tone exposes what a miserable bigot you are. You’ll even sacrifice you core belief, throw pence under the bus and fervently rant about how an African American can save America. ‘Win at all costs’????? Here’s an idea: nominate a president who really DOES put America first, not his Russia, his daughter and businesses.  In 2 years with trump in the WH, GOP control of both senate and house, your man GOT NOTHING DONE. What’s your excuse? What’s his excuse??? What are you so scared of?”

I don’t know Mr. Anderson, but his letter couldn’t be a better example of the ignorance of half of America and how that ignorance has been propagated by the mainstream media that has become an arm of the socialist left. Heck, the letter could have been written by any half-baked host of any news show on CNN or MSNBC. Paul Anderson might as well be a pseudonym for Anderson Cooper, because this guy is still spitting out the same Russian collusion/Putin nonsense that the media and Democrats tried peddling for three years before it was totally debunked by Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s IG report.

Mr. Anderson, educate yourself. Not only was the Russia/Putin collusion deal a hoax, but it was perpetrated by the Democrats. Not only that, your beloved Dems and the media lied to your face, over and over and over. Instead of attacking the president over nonsense that never existed, how about insisting Adam Schiff finally turn over all of that “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight” that he insisted he had. It was a ruse, Mr. Anderson. And since you still believe it, I guess you haven’t heard that an FBI agent pleaded guilty to falsifying documents in regard to the matter. Read the Wall Street Journal once in a while.

I’ll forgive you for the “bigot” comment. You didn’t really give a reason why you think I’m a bigot, but it’s something that all Democrats seem to fall back on when they can’t come up with a logical argument. You were trained well.

As for President Trump getting nothing done: Hah! You have got to be kidding, right? There is not enough space, but let me just give you some highlights: The greatest economy in history with record low unemployment for minorities and women; record high median household income; more than 3.9 million people lifted off food stamps; tax reform; ended business-stifling regulations; made America energy independent; appointed Constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court; passed criminal justice reform; slowed illegal immigration by building a wall; strengthened our military; got NATO allies to contribute more to their defense; brought thousands of manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.; withdrew us from the disastrous Obama Iran deal; moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; created Space Force; defeated ISIS and took out Abu Bakr al-Baghdad; health-care reform for veterans; responded to the COVID crisis early on by canceling flights from China while getting criticized for it by Nancy Pelosi and her ilk; fast-tracked COVID vaccines; expanded coronavirus testing; made sure hospitals across the country had the ventilators and other supplies they needed; and, just this week, mediated a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.    

And, Mr. Anderson, the president accomplished all of this while the Democrats spent his entire term doing nothing but trying to remove him from office!   

Finally, you finish by asking “What are you so scared of?” It’s really the only semi-intelligent sentence in your entire email. 

Here is what I’m scared of. I’m scared of living in a country where law and order is no longer valued, where it is OK to terrorize neighborhoods and business owners because of the color of their skin. I’m scared of living in a country that no longer values individual freedom, where you can be persecuted for speaking your mind, for owning a gun, for not wearing a mask or for attending a church. I’m scared of living in a country that doesn’t value the sacrifices that our Founding Fathers and the men who fought on D-Day made for us. I’m scared of living in a country that embraces Marxist terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I’m scared that the radical socialist agenda of the Democratic party will lead to an economic collapse equal to or greater than the Great Depression.  

But most of all, I’m scared that my children and grandchildren will have to live and grow up in a country that is no longer the land of freedom and opportunity, but instead is a dark, bleak place where the government controls your finances, your housing, your history, your rights and your thoughts. That’s what I’m scared of, Mr. Anderson.  

Thanks for asking.

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.


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Praising God for you. Thank you for taking a stand for this country.

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