On Monday, Aug. 24, I was a guest on the Dr. Phil show. The show was about racism and will be airing sometime in the near future, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. The show makes guests sign a release that contains the line, “I will not write a book, magazine article, or newspaper article (including internet articles) or publish or submit for publication any writing relating to behind-the-scenes of the Series, about my experience on the Series, real or fictional without first obtaining Producer’s written consent”.  

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

I requested that consent and received the following rather peculiar response: “Hi Jim, We are just getting clarification on your question and the upcoming air date. As soon as I have answers to both, I’ll inform you. Thank you!”    

So there you have it. I’m not sure what kind of clarification is needed because the question I posed was pretty straight forward. “I would like to get permission to write about my appearance in my weekly newspaper column.” I did them a big favor by playing the foil on their show about racism, and yet they have to think about whether I can write about it.

So, anyway, I can’t get into specifics about the Dr. Phil show that I was actually on, but he has another similar show that he did call “America on Fire,” which I can discuss. But let’s start at the beginning.

Ever since I wrote a column titled “The War on White People,” I’ve been getting correspondence and interview requests from an array of different outlets. The people at this newspaper can tell you that when I get one of these requests, I am quite aware that it is most likely a setup and that I am going to be portrayed as the token “racist” for having the nerve to stand up against the Marxist hate groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I turned one such appearance down … twice … before I ultimately decided that I can’t preach in this column about how important it is to stand up for what is right and then dodge the opportunity to do just that because I’m scared of the blowback.

And, of course, these interviews go, for the most part, just how I suspected they would. One nationally known liberal host introduced me with the same contempt you might expect if he was bringing on the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. During these interviews, I invariably try to make the point that racism, while it most assuredly exists, it is not a white person trait but instead is a human trait and, in fact, Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a hate group whose members espouse racist hate speech themselves.

Incredibly, I have had multiple interviewers and their guests defend BLM as a “movement,” not a group. They can call it whatever they want, but the fact of the matter is that the leaders of this group/movement have openly called for the murder of police officers, they have stood outside white neighborhoods and demanded that those people give up their homes and they encouraged their followers to beat small-business owners for trying to protect their livelihoods.   

I’ve been attacked for comparing BLM to the KKK, but they are actually quite similar. Both groups are based in hate because of the color of one’s skin. Both groups try to scare and intimidate people. Just recently, a young couple was pulled from their car and beaten unconscious because of the color of their skin. If you didn’t know that this was a story from two weeks ago, you would think that it was from the 1960s about the KKK. But it happened on Aug. 17 of this year when BLM members in Portland actually committed this heinous hate crime.  

I never get to say near as much as I would like to in these interviews, but there is a race war in this country, and it is being fueled by the left-wing media, Hollywood and people like Dr. Phil. This war was declared immediately after the election of Donald Trump. They have been pushing the idea that Trump supporters (all 62 million of us) are nothing more than backward, ignorant racists. They have been selling the idea that “Make America Great Again” means bringing slavery back, when what it really means is bringing manufacturing jobs back.  

It is no coincidence that Dr. Phil’s sudden interest in racism, along with the rest of the country, is happening during the 2020 re-election campaign of President Trump. Democrats have been playing the race card during every election for decades now. However, they have hyped this one up on steroids, and they have done so for a very devious reason. 

There is just no way around the fact that President Trump, during his first term in office, has done more for Black people then the Democrat Party has done for them in 150 years. They want people to focus on racism so no one notices that it was President Trump who finally pushed through criminal justice reform. That it was President Trump who funded historically Black colleges. That it was President Trump who got millions off of food stamps. And it was President Trump who, pre-COVID, had the Black unemployment rate at historically low levels, with the median income on the rise. It’s also President Trump who wants to give Black people the opportunity to send their kids to better schools and start their own businesses.

 Democrats and the left wing are pushing the “all white people” are racists narrative because they can’t afford to have the focus be on reality, which is this: minorities were doing better under President Trump than they have ever done under a racist Democrat Party. A mass exodus of minorities from the Democrat Party would be the end of the Democrat Party, so instead, party operatives focus their efforts on fueling a race war.

People like Dr. Phil are accomplices in all of this. Interviewers can easily give heart-wrenching examples of racism being perpetrated on Black people ... but when I mention the white couple being pulled out their car and beaten unconscious by BLM, or BLM standing outside of white neighborhoods demanding that people give up their homes, then the excuse is made that it’s just “a few bad apples.” Well, why aren’t the examples of white racism just “a few bad apples” as well? Why aren’t bad cops portrayed as “a few bad apples?” Why in the 3 1/2 years since we had a Black, two-term president have all white people suddenly become horrible racists? It’s nonsense and it’s being used to keep Black people tied to a party that uses them for their votes and does nothing to better their lives.

Watch “America on Fire” and you will see Dr. Phil rant about “white privilege.” It’s a completely racist idea based solely on the color of one’s skin. Does Dr. Phil think grossly obese white people are privileged? What about handicapped white people? Did the white couple who were pulled out of their car and beaten unconscious by BLM protesters pay enough of a price for their “white privilege,” or do they still need to apologize for being white?   

And isn’t it just a little ironic that Dr. Phil is ramming “white privilege” down the throats of Americans when his own biggest privilege (the privilege that turned him into a celebrity and multimillionaire) came at the hands of a billionaire Black woman?  

I hope the extremely white privileged doctor will let me tell about my experience on the show, but based on what I was told about my appearance and what really happened, I’m not holding my breath.   

In the meantime, I thank the readers of this column who continue to send my words to friends and family all over this country. You’re the reason I’m being asked to do all these interviews … from Jackson, to Hollywood, to well, my God, Russia of all places. I am appreciative even when I’m being falsely portrayed as a racist. 

But we have to keep fighting against injustice. 

Keep fighting to tell the truth.  

And keep fighting to save the greatest country on earth.

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.


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(11) comments


I saw your episode and I did sort of see the white priveledge episode (I had to shut it off). I felt sorry for you bc he was done talking to you as soon as you said kkk- It was blatantly obvious he did not like the white anti blm group and catered to the black guests! Both sides should have had equal time but he's been making his position clear for years!! He's repeating the same rhetoric Oprah spews!! All white people are racist which is absurd!! I'm watching burning questions now which has my blood boiling! He just thanked a blm rioters for all she does?!!? Mind you he showed pics of her w/ burning buildings behind her!! It's a mental disease! It is not acceptable to destroy property!! Dr. Phil has a god complex! My advice to you Get a "friend" to write your Dr. Phil story so you aren't writing it🤔😉 if you have Nda read it carefully and find the loop hole! It's there you just have to look close enough!! For the record plenty of guests go online and blab b4 and after their episode and he never does anything about it!!


Dr. Phil's start came from Oprah Winfrey so I doubt he's going to be a champion for white people's defense.



I was taught that if a bunch of people don't like you, then, it's you. BLM should look in the mirror and ask themselves WHY people don't like or respect them. It's not their skin color it's their behavior in polite society that people don't respect.

Here's what's happened. In the late 80's and 90's black people were on TV calling themselves the n-word, pimps, thugs, gansta's, and cop killer's. Black people in my community walked around looking "bad" and trying to scare people.

Well, it worked. People were scared. Respectable society does not welcome that that counter-culture and does not want to be associated with people like that.

Now, a decade later, black people are upset that they are not shown the respect and courtesy's that others have earned.

Black people have a unique culture separate from the rest of society. Respect for authority and women, and accountability seem to not be virtues in the black community. Hence the coined term, "baby momma"

The black lady on the Dr. Phil Show who was a guest at a Hilton Hotel could have avoided the entire incident had she just complied with the staff and provided her room number as requested. The black lady could have calmly handled the situation and protected her son from unnecessary drama. The black lady did not protect her son by de-escalating the situation and working out the misunderstanding. It was the black lady's choice to have the police called and a whole big black drama unfold.

With tears in her eyes, Judge Lynn Toler just told the Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Community that she has been telling "brutha's" for decades to act better but none of them listen.

The change that black people seek will start from within themselves. Black people hurt themselves with their adverse behavior.

All of the BLM demands and shaming has made me even more turned off from them.


I literally just attempted to watch this episode but was so disgusted by the obvious bias Dr Phil had on the side of the domestic terrorist group "Black Lives Matter" I couldn't bring myself to watch each and every moment of it. Honestly, I had hoped Dr Phil would bring some truth into this situation which has been fueled with nothing but lies. Look at the Briana Taylor situation?? The truth just came out that the police did in fact knock and announce themselves before entering AND they were fired on and hit FIRST!! sO, what happened next?? The riots in the streets started immediately, because they do not care what the truth is. All they want is chaos in our streets, this has zero to do with any black lives.

If they cared about black lives they'd be contributing to their education, jobs, etc. What about Chicago?? What about those black lives, on the average easily more than 20 black lives are lost every weekend?? What about the black lives on our police forces?? What about those black lives? What about those black business owners who have had their businesses burned to the ground?? This terrorist group "Black lives matter" had it spelled out on their website (I think it's now been removed) that one of their goals is to demolish the nuclear family and remove fathers from households. Dr. Phil??? Do you believe this should happen too?? Do you think this would be healthy for Black Lives?? This is total proof they do not care about black lives. It's a known fact that black father's are commonly absent which is why so many black young men are drawn into gangs which ultimately lead to their death. If Black Lives Matter cared about black lives they'd be encouraging the family dynamic and helping fathers stay in the home. This is so clearly a very political and activist group which has pulled at the heartstrings of so many Americans that feel they are doing the right thing by supporting "the movement" because of the name of the group, "how could a person NOT stand up for Black Lives". I truly had more faith in Dr. Phil than this, it's unfortunate that he has now become one of Hollywood's finest afraid of the backlash that would come his way if he simply stood up and told the truth. He basically turned his back on our Police, our Flag and our Country and is blindly standing with a terrorist group that has openly admitted their goal is to rip everything away from us that our forefathers fought for. Dr Phil had the opportunity and the platform to stand up for the truth and to initiate a positive change to bring our country back together, instead he took the easy road and hopped on the Hollywood band wagon. I totally understood the points that Jim and the other woman were trying to make--that we all care about black lives but being labeled a racist because of our white race is racist in itself. I am too sick of being called a racist because of my skin color, since when has calling someone a name because of their race, not been racism? Calling all police bad because of a few bad apples in bunch is also the same as racism....it's disgusting to watch the hypocrisy that continues to play out..I simply can't believe Dr Phil has become one of them...


Oh Dr Phil has been getting bad! He had white priveledge episode couple years ago and I was yelling at my tv!! Lol Then turned it off!! Ridiculous! Then show went back to normal ...now he's back again sticking his nose in things it doesn't belong!! He does back the police episodes in the past?? Now he's pro antifa and blm. If u support one you support both! Period

Buff McBifferson

It is painful how much you refuse to see BLM as a movement and not a group. So let me spell it out for you. Los Banditos are a motorcycle group. If you wear their patch without being initiated It will not end well. If you put on a black lives matter t-shirt, they will welcome you with open arms. If the leader of Los Banditos orders you to commit a crime And you don't, they will hurt you.. If the leaders of BLM order you to commit a crime and you don't... Absolutely nothing happens. You swear your allegiance and give money to your motorcycle gang. You owe BLM nothing. If you march with BLM, and the next day decide you don't want to do that anymore, you can stay home and nothing will ever happen to you. If you decide you don't want to be a part of your motorcycle gang anymore, you can't just stay home and ignore them. Same goes with the clan, same goes with being a police officer, and the same goes with being a Republican.


Splitting a hair here. at the end of the day they are an evil group, organization, movement. Marxism is evil. support Marxism, you support evil.

Buff McBifferson

Important difference. Imagine when Trump's daughter is president and declares second amendment supporters are a terrorist organization and anyone supporting the second amendment is automatically a part of that organization and can be tried as a terrorist. If it's just a movement they can't do that. If it's an official organization she absolutely can and will.


Absolutely! I totally agree! It's disgusting that patriotism, standing up for our Flag, our Country and our First Responders are all under attack! Thousands of people have given their lives to provide these people a voice and platform in which to spew their hatred. I'd like to have the "Black Lives Matter" folks show us where all the donations have been spent to help Black Lives?


Absolutely! Keep standing tall!

Jerry Smith

Spot on. Well said. Thank you.

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