This has been driving me nuts. My phone, an iPhone 6, which I’ve probably had for close to five years now, is a bleeding-heart liberal, while I am a diehard Trump-loving conservative.  

Jim Cegielski

Jim Cegielski

I’m not joking. When I open up the phone, I get a listing of news stories from various sources. Every single day, the lead story is a Trump-bashing hit piece from CNN, Newsweek, The Washington Post or some other mouthpiece for the Democrat party. 

For example, as I’m typing this, the lead story is from USA Today and has the headline “Paul Manafort faces a prison sentence today, capping the fall of Donald Trump’s former ex-campaign chair.” But here is the real kicker, the newsfeed on my phone also contains quite a few Fox News stories as well. I imagine my phone thinks, “Well, as long as I toss him the occasional Fox News story, I’ll appease this Trump-loving bung hole.” 

But my phone takes me for an idiot because the Fox News story never has a dang thing to do with politics or anything that is even the least bit meaningful to anyone. For example (and I promise I’m not making this up), the Fox News story that is on my phone right now has the headline, “Elizabeth Hurley reveals youthful figure in ‘Sunshine’ bikini.”  

What the heck? This is a daily occurrence, too: CNN’s story will almost always be something like “Trump’s a racist scumbag who wants to behead Mexican children” and Fox’s story will always be akin to “Large wild hog found living in Chicago suburb.”

I’ll say this — the same disturbing biased news can be found on my Comcast computer homepage, but it’s easy to figure out why. Comcast owns NBC and MSNBC, the worst of the worst when it comes to liberal BS. But my phone? Why in the world would my own personal phone be a liberal? It’s a mystery that will never be answered. It makes me appreciate my old childhood kitchen wall-hanging rotary phone. That phone never tried to impose its political bias on me. It just hung on the wall, independent and unbiased. I miss that old green, non-judgmental phone.

Here is another unanswerable question? Why in the world would Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee, a normally quiet and humble man, “endorse” Alex “Hollywood” Hodge for Sheriff? 

I like Johnny. I think he is a good mayor who has been taking a lot of unfair blame for the condition of Laurel’s roads. As I’ve stated before, Laurel’s infrastructure problems started long before Johnny became mayor and the problems were kicked down the road by previous administrations until this mayor was left with no choice but to deal the harsh reality of it.  

However, the mayor had no business getting involved with a county election and certainly no reason to back ole “Hollywood” over one of LPD’s finest, who has done a fine job for the mayor and the City of Laurel for the past 19 years.    

When asked by Mark Thornton why he endorsed Hodge, the mayor seemed to have his own difficult time coming up with an explanation for the decision. After stammering and stuttering over the question, the mayor finally landed on, “Berlin isn’t ready yet.”  

Say what?

If you have an officer who has been working law enforcement for close to two decades at YOUR police department and he isn’t ready to run a department, then you need to fix YOUR police department.

My guess is that the mayor wasn’t being entirely honest with us. For the mayor to go out on a limb to endorse the opponent of a well-liked employee of the city he runs, we have to believe that there’s more to the story.    

My guess is that some of the corruption that we have been fighting against is rearing its ugly head in this matter.   

Mayor Magee could have easily stayed on the sidelines and not gotten involved in a county matter at all, so I’m guessing that one of two things happened. Either one of the power brokers who pulls the strings of so many of our elected officials stepped in and told Johnny he needed to endorse Hodge and Magee complied, or else Magee and Hodge simply cut a deal that Magee would endorse Hodge in exchange for Hodge turning around and endorsing Magee during the next mayoral election. A typical political “you scratch my back and I’ll do the same for you” exchange.  

Either way, Magee should be ashamed for aligning himself with a sheriff who we know does not treat everyone equally under the law, who chose to abuse an elderly couple instead of offering to help them, who only works part-time at a job in which he gets paid $100,000 a year, and a man who, much like Hillary Clinton, has used his position to make himself wealthy. There is an answer to why the mayor made such a bad decision, but I promise you that because of behind-the-scenes shenanigans, this question will remain unanswered.  

The final unanswerable question is why in the world are most Jewish people Democrats? It’s mind-boggling that an estimated 73 percent of Jewish Americans support a party that seems to, if not embrace, at least tolerate anti-semitism. The Dems couldn’t even muster the courage to condemn the anti-semitism of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, instead opting to pass some generic “anti-hate” measure that didn’t even mention Omar by name.    

Actually, I guess a better unanswerable question would be why is anyone other than American-hating socialists still supporting the Democrat party? African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American unemployment is at record lows. Under President Obama, the African-American unemployment rate averaged 12.5 percent, while it has averaged 7.2 percent under President Trump.    

In spite of the media bias against this president, the facts are that Trump’s tax cuts, jobs growth and regulations rollback have been good for all Americans. It has led to a surge in company profits, higher wages and record levels of optimism. During his two years in office, the economy is performing at levels that most experts thought were impossible. President Trump has singlehandedly lifted the United States out of 20 years of economic malaise. It’s all true. Numbers don’t lie.   

Yet, while all this has been happening, the Democrats have been focusing all their efforts on a two-year investigation revolving around a myth known as  Russian “collusion” in an attempt to impeach the best thing that’s happened to America since the Boston Tea Party. 

Seriously, why would anyone want to identify as a Democrat, a party that stands for nothing but socialism, killing babies, anti-semitism and trying to bring down the most successful president in modern history? That is a question that is simply unanswerable.

Jim Cegielski is publisher of the Leader-Call. He lives in Laurel.


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