Buck Torske, first and foremost, is an American.

He loves this country for its greatness and its faults. He put himself on the front lines in defense of the principle that this nation was truly founded on — freedom. We salute him for his service and we are firmly behind a movement that he started that might just catch on nationwide. His weekly column that originated in this paper is now being distributed by The Convention of States group.

The American people have been asleep at the wheel for a long time. They do not participate in local governance, from watching a city council meeting to actually attending. There are a handful of residents who will be at every council meeting, but the overwhelming majority are not in attendance. The less attention paid, the more nefarious those governing bodies can be. Add in the erosion of legitimate local newspapers to keep those governing bodies honest, and it makes them ripe for corruption.

There is a move, especially in the education system, to transform how American children are raised. Critical Race Theory — which teaches that this nation was founded upon the principles of slavery — is infiltrating school districts nationwide. Until recently, there was little uproar. But those days are over. The insane, progressive socialist left wing of the Democratic party poked Mama Bear a bit too hard. They went after heR babies.

A renewed interest in school boards and local governments has sprung up, with Buck Torske at the forefront with his call to action. If you would, take all political leanings out of your mind. Forget about race and gender. Allow yourself simply to read and absorb. “Are you sick of out-of-control government elected officials who ignore and circumvent their oaths of office? Government overreach and abuse? Corruption? Are you a patriotic American who believes in the wisdom of this nations’ Founders and the sanctity of our Constitution and our freedoms?

Do you believe in law and order, for opportunity for all and equality? Do you want accountability from representatives? Have you been silent too long?” If you answered yes, then you are needed to join Buck on the front lines in his Free State Citizens Action group. Email him at bosn11@outlook.com or call 601-433-3789.

Mama Bear is awake — and so is Buck. We hope you are, too. If not, get that alarm clock ringing. All is not lost if we answer this important Call to Action.

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