As wildfires churn through the western United States and the South cleans up from Hurricane Ida, the shrieks of “climate change” are intensifying. President Biden, or whomever is telling him what to say, uses the term “existential threat” frequently in referencing “climate change.” The human race is “doomed” unless action is taken to stop climate change, they say.

Yet in January, it was Biden’s “climate czar” who said the United States could go to zero emissions tomorrow and there would be no effect on the climate. Major polluters, such as China and India, have no interest in joining a race to try to solve the climate problem. Could it be that no matter what humans do, the effects of climate change will be minimal at best?

Climate change happen every day of every year. It has for millions of years. Ice ages, reversal of the poles, tectonic plates colliding, sun storms, hurricanes and volcanoes have been affecting the earth for millions, if not billions of years. Of course, humans have only been involved in an industrial world for less than 200 years, and in that time, the human race has succeeded in destroying the climate? If governmental panels with a thirst for power could get control of those pesky humans, then the Earth will begin to heal.

Like most actions of government, this is little more than a power grab and control of the people. Enact far-reaching climate policies under the guise of “saving the planet,” then governments can control what you eat, when and where you drive, how you heat and cool your home, not to mention doling out taxpayer funds to who knows what, all while riding the waves of emotions to make us all believe we have any control what happens on Earth. We don’t.

Evidence presented will follow every natural disaster. Hurricane Ida’s ferocity was not a perfect storm of pressure systems and the warm Gulf of Mexico water, but climate change. But was Ida any worse than Camille in 1969 or the Great Galveston Hurricane at the turn of the 20th century? Or has technology allowed for us to see the destruction far more in-depth, making it appear to be worse than any other storm?

What about a hurricane that hit what is now America in the year 20,000 BC? How devastating might it have been?

Be wary of politicians, under the guise of science, trying to separate you from not only your money but your freedom. The end game is and always will be control — and those in power now want total control. Freedom doesn’t work in their world. Reversing climate change is just another salvo in trying to separate you from your freedoms. Don’t fall for it.

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