Want to make the woke mob lose their collective minds today? Embrace and enjoy the most American of all holidays — Thanksgiving. Feast with family and friends, give blessings for all that this country has provided and all that it can continue to provide. Give thanks to Almighty God for living in a land of such abundance. Share your blessings with anyone and everyone who is less fortunate. Be an American this Thanksgiving.

Ignore the TV — unless it is parades or football — because the woke have found allies in the media who will be quick to point out all of America’s problems, how it is irredeemable, racist — of course racist — and is made up of people who range from transphobic to homophobic to Lord knows what the mob will come up with next.

It would be naive to believe in its entirety the story of the first Thanksgiving. Was it a nice, peaceful day where natives and the Pilgrims shared their collective bounties? Was it a one-day truce between the Europeans and native tribes? Was it the first salvo in racist European colonization?

Was it one group of people starving and another stepping in to help? None of us were there. All we have to go on are the few accounts from those there that day, but as we all know history is — and alway will be — up for debate.

But no matter how many times the broken record of “wokeness” infiltrates this holiday, the majority of Americans see in this holiday a blessing to God and a reason to get together with family and friends.

While far from perfect, point to anywhere on Earth you would rather live than the United States.

Most of all, say a prayer for the woke mob. The majority are not happy people, waking each day in an effort to be offended or take shots at the traditional spirit of America, not realizing that it is because of America they can spew their venom freely and openly without retribution. A song from the 1990s contained the line, “Don’t know what you got, til it’s gone ...” Life is too short to dwell and stew in the past. Embrace the present, work toward a better future and do not — we repeat, do not — let the woke poison destroy your

Thanksgiving, because we all know they will try. Oh, they will try.

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