One year has passed since the greatest political scandal never to be reported came to light, and the effects of that scandal are showing themselves every day with a feckless, weak president and a weakening United States of America.

Remember a year ago when the New York Post published a damning report about then-candidate Joe Biden's crack-addicted son’s laptop that contained concrete evidence of a get-rich scheme cooked up by the Bidens pedaling access to the former vice president and longtime senator? Then-candidate Biden was linked to being "the Big Guy" in getting 10 percent of earnings through deals with foreign countries. There was no need for an anonymous whistleblower on this one as witnesses came forward with evidence — proof — of the Bidens' corruption.

It happened about three weeks before one of the most contentious presidential elections in American history. And it was covered up by a consortium of corporate-run media who loathed President Trump, to Big Tech — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube mostly — and the Deep State intelligence agencies where 50 leading intelligence officials called the laptop “Russian disinformation.” That was good enough for a compromised media to join forces with the Biden campaign and Big Tech to make sure you never saw it.

The New York Post, a 200-plus-year-old newspaper, had its Twitter account blocked until it removed a tweet that turned out to be 100 percent accurate. Even mention Hunter's laptop on social media or the Bidens’ corruption and users likely ended up in social media jail. Even the now-president's spokeswoman Jen Psaki tweeted that the laptop was Russian disinformation — a tweet that is still on Twitter, by the way.

Had the media done its job, Big Tech not jumped into the censorship game and the corrupt intelligence agency heads told the truth, the likelihood of this country facing what it is facing today would be nil. But to do that, to have an honest discussion, would possibly mean tipping the balance of power back to the anti-Swamp president Donald Trump — and they could not allow that to happen. 

As we opined on Oct., 17, 2020, we were entering a scary time, when factual, true information could so easily be censored to fit a political narrative. If anything, Big Tech's censorship efforts have only intensified. The final paragraph of the Our View one year and three days ago read: “This entire ordeal should make one feel as if they are in 1980s Soviet Russia. The slippery slope of censorship is now a ski jump, and we are barreling downhill.”

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