Something wakes you from a deep sleep. In your sleepy haze, you think you smell something odd and, as you wake, you realize your bedroom is engulfed in thick smoke and you are finding it hard to breathe. Or, you are in your car after you lost control, flipped three times and now find yourself upside down in the ditch on a country road and injured.  The next call is 911. 

 Ideally, once the 911 system is activated, it is only moments before help arrives no matter where you might find yourself. But what happens when you desperately need help and no one arrives timely to render aid?  

It takes only seconds for a small fire in a home to become a raging structure fire, only minutes to find yourself fighting for your life after a traumatic injury. 

 On Jan. 19,  a motorist wound up on the side of the road on Highway 11 in Moselle after their vehicle caught on fire. 911 was activated and five minutes went by … 10 minutes … 15 minutes …

No response. Finally, 23 minutes after the 911 call was placed, personnel with the fire service arrived on scene. This happens more often that it should, in spite of our best efforts.

 Jones County needs individuals to help our communities and volunteer as firefighters. Most of Jones County gets its fire protection from volunteer departments that depend on people like you to help our citizens at their worst times — when they desperately NEED help.  

Contact the Jones County Fire Rescue Facebook page to find out your local volunteer fire department’s location and meeting times. Join our family. You can make a difference.  

Don’t know anything about being a firefighter? That’s OK! We will train you! Plus, you’ll get a cool hat.

— By Dana Bumgardner/Public Information Officer 

for the Jones County Fire Council

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