Let us first say that we love each and every one of you who pick up this newspaper three days per week. You are the lifeblood of this operation and without you, there would be no us.

But if there is one thing that drives us nuts, it is Thanksgiving week when we have an adjusted print schedule. The adjusted print schedule is the same every single year. There is a legitimate reason for our decisions, which we will map out here. We just plead with you to ingest this piece much like you will be ingesting the turkey and dressing on Thursday.

We have tried Page 1 stories, skyboxes that run for a solid month, stand-alone ads on multiple pages and nothing seems to work. So we try again.

As our subscribers know, the LL-C is delivered through the United States Postal Service, which does not deliver on Thanksgiving Day — which always falls on a Thursday, one of the days we publish. In the years we have been the Leader-Call, management has made the decision to, instead of printing three days during Thanksgiving week, that we would publish twice — on Wednesday and again on Saturday.

Invariably, though, at about noon on every Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the phones will start ringing wondering where the newspapers are. And the phones will ring… and ring… and ring…

Because Tuesday, normally not a deadline day, is a deadline day this week, it makes for a most-hectic office environment. It can be so easily avoidable if each and every reader remembers one key fact: THERE WILL BE NO TUESDAY PAPER!

Now Wednesday, that is a different story. 

The Wednesday paper will be huge — and filled with all of the Black Friday sales circulars and advertisements to get readers in the holiday shopping  spirit. You will not want to miss the Wednesday paper!!

When December rolls around, there will be similar publishing adjustments, but we will tackle that when it gets a bit closer.

So, once again, thank you to our readers. We love all of you.

Except on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. But we have a feeling that will change next week. (At least we hope).

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