Imagine for a moment your family’s budget, for the likely very few of you who have a family budget. The bread-winners make really good bread — lots of it — but their spending habits go right along with it.

No matter how much money and credit is available, the spree continues. The debt mounts and mounts. But the family is blind to it. They don’t care because every time the bank comes calling, instead of asking for payment, they add on to the credit limit.

Well, heck yeah! Let’s go. And the spending continues and continues. For some reason, the bank keeps lending and lending. Eventually, paying interest on that debt will eat up too much of the money coming in and… CRASH!

But in that large family are a couple children who happen to be good at mathematics. They can see the danger in what the others are doing. They try to speak up and sound an alarm, but are droned out by the glee of a yearlong spending spree. They are pilloried for it, being told that it doesn’t really matter what they say, the larger group in the family knows better and … sit down!

It happened early Friday morning to a fiscal voice of reason in our most dysfunctional government. Rand Paul saw in an “agreement” to fund the government that $300 billion would be added to our national deficit. Fiscal insanity in another credit card raise for our spending-addicted family “leaders” who are leading all of us right off a cliff. But because it was a “bi-partisan” bill, well, it must be good because the two sides agreed.

But it stinks like a rotting corpse of a skunk on a Delta highway in early August. More credit. More spending. More. More. More.

When will it end? Will it? How can we keep going this way? Will the “bank” ever say, “enough is enough”?

And why can’t we elect more people who believe in this style of fiscal governance: “The reason I’m here tonight is to put people on the spot. I want people to feel uncomfortable. I want them to have to answer people at home who said, ‘How come you were against President Obama’s deficits, and then how come you’re for Republican deficits?’”

Texas Sen. John Cornyn said of Paul’s objection: “A colossal waste of time.”

Paul, on the Senate floor, made the most salient point when he said: “Both parties don’t care about the debt.”

The pied pipers of lunacy are leading every one of us right off the cliff of disaster. Yet instead of listening to the warnings, in the name of politics, the voice of fiscal sanity is silenced.

Eventually, math will win and we all will pay the price. Every last one of us.

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