The story of a beating of an openly gay black actor by men chanting racist invectives and tying a rope around the man’s neck is falling apart. The actor, Jussie Smollett, and his representatives are standing by the story, but the police are no longer treating him as a victim.

Hoaxes are nothing new, as we have seen here at the Leader-Call with the KFC fiasco five years ago. Some stories rip at the heart strings and few do due diligence to check it first. So when an openly gay black man claims he was beaten and had rope tied around his neck as white racists yelled, “This is MAGA Country,” the wolves came out.

National and international media went crazy, finding one more connection between Donald Trump and a country filled with white, racists MAGA-hat-wearing  people who only wished it was 1955 all over again. They labeled with a huge brush, equating MAGA hats to the pointed hats worn by Ku Klux Klansmen in the scariest, darkest of times. The thirst is so great to not only label Trump as a racist, but to drive a wedge deeper into his supporters, the media took this story and ran with it.

Now it appears it was all made up. A sad disservice to the people of this country.

And we always ask — without getting many answers, we might add — what the president has done that would put him on par with real racists of our time? Institute separate-but-equal schools? Separate water fountains?

He wants legal immigration to continue unabated and to stop the flow of illegal immigration. The economy for Blacks and Hispanics is the best it has ever been. Criminal justice reform will help minorities more than any other demographic.

Yes, sounds racist to us.

Jussie, if this whole episode was made up or if you did orchestrate this racist beating, shame on you! And the media, celebrities and politicians who jumped on, pushing the racist narrative against the president and those who voted for him and using Smollett as the conduit, double shame.

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