Here we go again.

Can you remember last year when mostly young people decided it would be fun to enjoy Tide pod laundry detergent for breakfast and then wonder why said Tide pod made them sick? The Tide pod challenge swept social media, drawing laughs from some and shakes of the head from those who have a functioning brain.

One idiot decided that it would be a good idea to ingest laundry detergent and then broadcast it to the world. And more idiots jumped aboard! Of course, Tide went to great lengths to make sure warning labels on the boxes indicated that the laundry detergent was not fit for a meal.

Boy, are we becoming a stupid people.

Then there was the cinnamon challenge, whereby some genius decided to snort cinnamon up his or her nose, then broadcast to the world the consequences across — where else? — social media. 

In a half-sane world, one person would have to snort cinnamon and show the world so that every other person in the world would say, “What an idiot!” before snorting cinnamon. But, no, in our ever-devolving society, all the cinnamon challenge did was encourage more idiots to do the same.

We are living the real-life version of the movie “Idiocracy.” While not a box-office sensation, the movie follows two people in a military experiment who are transported centuries into the future when the continued dumbing down of society had reached critical mass. The two in the experiment — far from geniuses themselves — were the smartest people left on the planet. While a fictional account, sometimes we feel like we are living in a real-life version of that movie.

Which brings us now to the latest abomination — the Bird Box challenge. Taken from the Netflix movie of the same name, this challenge calls for people to blindfold themselves and then have themselves recorded doing things blindfolded people should never do for all to see. Two women can be seen trying to walk in one direction on a moving platform like those seen at airports while the platform moves in the other direction. Another future Rhodes Scholar can be seen riding a tricycle into a living room wall. Injuries have been reported and the challenge led to YouTube taking the videos off of its — you guessed it — social media platform.

We disagree. Let them have their time. If two morons want to blindfold themselves walking on a canyon cliff and then, well, find the bottom of said cliff, fine. Have at it. Call it Darwin’s Revenge.

Every action has consequences. How many people have seen a motorcyclist speed past them on the interstate at 100 mph and have wondered at what point in the drive the cyclist would be planted against a bridge abutment? Should we have sympathy or call it a “learning tool?” 

Not every young person out there will snort cinnamon, eat laundry detergent or blindfold themselves walking across Park Avenue. There are plenty of brilliant young minds who will guide us into the future.

The question is: Are they becoming outnumbered? We certainly hope not.

But we must wonder …

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