For the months following the contentious presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden preached to the American people that this has to be a time to come together and to heal. He wanted a different Washington, D.C., where there is no blue America and red America — more plagiarism since he stole that line from Barack Obama — but the United States of America.

So what does the president-elect do one day after a disgraceful display from protesters turned rioters? For nearly 20 minutes, he highlighted and injected the most divisive issue of our time — race — into the conversation. He pointed to a text message he said he received from his granddaughter showing a huge police presence at the Capitol during a Black Lives Matter protest and how different it was to the Trump protest. Biden summoned up enough “outrage” to have his voice quiver after spending all summer silent on other violent protests.

We decry what happened at the Capitol, as we did with riots in Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, Kenosha, Atlanta, etc. While we are ardent First Amendment supporters, that support stops at mayhem. During BLM protests, mayhem took over regularly. Mostly peaceful rallies got hijacked by fringe elements. Businesses went up in flames, police had fireworks shot at them and lasers pointed in their faces. Federal buildings were under assault. A huge police presence was needed.

Before Wednesday, how many mass riots with the destruction of public property had been seen at Trump rallies? Overwhelmingly, those were peaceful gatherings, without stores being looted and law enforcement threatened. So when a Trump rally was planned for Wednesday, could it not be feasible that law enforcement was caught off guard when a few stragglers went wild? To use a sports metaphor, if a football team ran the ball 99 times out of 100, would it be prudent to bolster the defensive backfield and guard against the pass? 

In the coming days, more and more thugs from Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol are being identified. They will get their due in court, and those who defiled the Capitol should pay a steep price. Anyone who says different is delusional. The vast majority of Americans were disgusted by the actions of the thugs at the Capitol. It could have been a galvanizing moment in America, much the same as the death of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer could have been a galvanizing force for the future of America.

It will not. As long as “leaders” continue to drive the stake of racial divisions deeper into our collective consciousness, nothing will ever change. Biden has a tremendous task trying to keep an ever-fracturing nation together, and we wonder if he has the physical and mental fortitude to do so. He certainly is not getting off to a good start in trying to “heal” a nation.

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