Every worker, small-business owner and unemployed American should be outraged after watching the video of a mask-less Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done in a closed salon in California.

We should not care because she is a liberal Democrat. We should not care for political reasons. We should care because it is yet another example that what is permissible for the “elites” and the “powerful” is different from what is allowed for those of us who scrape and claw to make a better life for ourselves and our families.

Don’t pay attention to the political spin about her being “set up” or it being a “political ploy.” All that does is take away from the underlying message that because she is a governmental powerhouse, she should not have to abide by the same rules she imposes on the rest of us. It is why, during Obamacare debates, politicians carved out exemptions that would help themselves avoid what the rest of us would have to abide by. The political “ruling” class — something we got away from with the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781 — is above We, The People.

Want to know why Donald Trump got elected in 2016? It can be seen in maskless Nancy sashaying across the floor of the closed salon. Americans were disgusted with the actions of those in Washington, D.C. The two choices were the ultimate, swamp insider Hillary Clinton or the non-politician Donald Trump. The groundswell of ire directed at Washington had been fomenting for years — on every side of the political aisle. 

Is there a solution? Of course, there is. Term limits is the solution. With deference to the late-actor John Candy, “we would have a better chance of seeing a three-legged ballerina” than seeing term limits in Congress. Take a guess on who would have to vote to enact term limits? The same swamp creatures who have elevated themselves above the rest of us and know that rules do not apply to them. In another example of infuriating hypocrisy, they see the need for term limits at the executive level, but not for themselves.

Speaking of hypocrisy, if Roger Wicker or Ted Cruz — both Republican members of the Senate — had been busted doing what Pelosi was caught doing, our outrage would be the same. And you’d better believe that the national mainstream media would be blasting them on a loop.

For us, it’s not about the letter next to the name, but the fact that some officials believe their position somehow empowers them to do whatever they want to do because the rules do not apply to them.

At what point do We, The People say, “We’ve had enough!” 

Don’t hold your breath.

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