Had Donald Trump stood at the lectern Monday night to announce his selection for the Supreme Court and he nominated Jesus for the next post, 49 Democrats would vote no. And, yes, we know the likelihood that if the shoes were reversed, the voting outcome would be the same, as our government continues its slide toward ruin.

Broken government. Miserably broken government festering in the Legislative branch, one of three branches of government — Executive (the president), Legislative (Congress) and the Judiciary (Supreme Court). In the nation’s founding, those three were devised to “check and balance” each other as to avoid one branch getting too powerful. Should that happen, the country would be in danger of returning to a monarchy, something the founders fought to avoid.

But while the Legislature should be working as representatives of states, it has forsaken that for their political party. In the Supreme Court case, the ink wasn’t even dry on the retirement letter of Justice Anthony Kennedy when Democrats came out en masse to oppose the next pick, no matter the pick. A nation cannot function that way. It just can’t.

As of this writing Monday morning, there are four widely discussed Supreme Court candidates as Trump planned to  make his announcement Monday night. Legislators on both sides of the aisle will knock over their own mothers to get in front of TV cameras to “judge” the potential justice. Those candidates, however will not get judged on their merits. They will not get judged by their educational attainments or their legal arguments. They will not be judged on anything they should be judged on. No, they will be judged on a disdain for Donald Trump and partisanship that is killing us slowly.

Soon, hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee will commence. But those members of that committee will not have any interest at all in what the nominee will say. The game is over. The vote is cast already. Those elected camera hogs will wax poetic about American values, shed crocodile tears, feign anger, bang a fist or two and make eloquent presentations — all in front of the watchful eye of the world. 

Then 49 Democrats will vote no. A couple shaky Establishment Republicans will waffle after getting bombarded by the press. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will cajole enough support — all the GOP needs is a 50-50 tie to pass the nominee through as the vice president is the tiebreaking vote — and promise enough favors to get the sheep to fall back in line, right where they should be.

The divide will continue to grow. Trump will serve six more years — mark it — and then a Democrat president will take office. Then the same old, tired, corrupt people we continue to elect to represent US will fall in line with their party, decrying the Democrat president’s Supreme Court nominee and vow to vote no before a name is released.

The same scratchy record keeps playing over and over as everything the hard-working people of this country have accomplished over the centuries gets flushed down the toilet.

Many millions of Americans rally around Jesus each Sunday morning in praise for the only perfect human being who has ever walked the earth.

Yet 49 of 100 senators would most certainly vote “no” to Jesus’ nomination to the Supreme Court.


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