The national media have become the ultimate Monday morning quarterbacks. Most football fans know the phrase that’s used to describe the “experts” sitting in their chairs, drinking beer and eating nachos as they rip coaches and players for every play that goes wrong, adding commentary on what they would have done instead. It is easy — and inconsequential — to be a Monday morning quarterback. Nothing like actually being a quarterback or coach.

The furor du jour emanating from a large swath of the national media — stoked with willing accomplices known as politicians — is about a few sentences Donald Trump uttered in February about him knowing the COVID-19 virus was deadly and then “downplaying it.” Many have accused him of outright murder!

So let’s get in our time machine and go back to Feb. 7. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the first American was still three weeks away from dying from the disease. Mardi Gras parades were hopping in South Louisiana. The Chiefs were fresh off a Super Bowl victory. High school basketball season was in full swing. Congress was busy impeaching a president over a phone call. So what would have happened in that climate had the president come out and declared that a virus that few had heard about was going to cause 190,000 American deaths?

We have been told since long before he was even elected that he was a habitual liar. So why would have Americans, especially those who disagree with him vehemently, suddenly believe him about a virtually unknown virus? Are you serious? We could write the CNN chryon for the network: TRUMP FOMENTS FEAR WITH IRRATIONAL WARNINGS ON UNKNOWN VIRUS ... TRUMP, WITHOUT EVIDENCE, SAYS VIRUS WILL BE WORSE THAN THE SPANISH FLU ... TRUMP TOUTS KILLER VIRUS TO TAKE ATTENTION AWAY FROM IMPEACHMENT, FAILED PRESIDENCY ... 

So, please, spare us your Monday morning quarterback moral outrage. We are not buying it.

The national media and its left-leaning political allies have become the most dishonest, disingenuous, politically motivated, disgraceful group of hacks in the history of journalism (and we use that word loosely to describe these people). The “revelations” in Bob Woodward’s book of a sentence said seven months ago is just the latest “bombshell” that will fizzle out. The national media is playing Americans for fools because of a disdain for this country’s “coach.”

And that, friends, is the real news.

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