Today’s Page 1 story about Clyde Rayner is disturbing. To even fathom that someone could stoop to such levels, especially with the most vulnerable among us, is as disheartening as it is horrific.

Young children are the innocents in this world. When an adult does the things Rayner did… we wish he could be tossed in the cell and the key disposed of forever. He will spend the next 13 years in prison, where we can only hop... well, let us not go there. But we are sure things will work out pretty badly for Rayner.

His plea deal in Jones County Circuit Court got him off the streets for more than a dozen years and kept any of those he victimized and a jury from having to suffer the horror those images evoke.

Judge Dal Williamson summed up the feelings of most who read that story by saying there is a special place in hell for people who make child pornography. We only hope the judge is correct. 

Rayner’s case shows that there are just rotten, awful, bad people in this world. They will do things that make the vast majority of law-abiding citizens cringe in horror. We ask ourselves how the human heart could sink to such depraved levels — and then we realize that Rayner’s case is just one of thousands and thousands that could be brought against people doing the same horrific things as he did.

Child pornography, child sex trafficking and forced prostitution is an ever-growing scourge against our society. The acts happen in big cities and small communities, between strangers or with family. Just horrible.

Jones County is a religious county with an unyielding desire for prayer. We should all pray for each and every one of Rayner’s victims and those victims few know about. They are out there, living a most miserable existence. We can only hope their suffering ceases — much like that of Rayner’s victims.

As for his suffering… we won’t shed many tears for him.

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