Something very interesting happened on Tuesday that didn’t get much attention. The United States Supreme Court ruled that, for now, secret grand jury testimony from Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt investigation of President Trump’s collusion with Russia must stay secret.

What? Who would want grand jury testimony? Wasn’t the president acquitted in his impeachment trial?

The same band of power-drunk and partisan-mad House of Representatives members who launched America on a three-year crusade over nothing are pushing for another impeachment. Seeing those secret grand jury testimony might expose “the smoking gun,” they will say, ignoring that there is no smoking gun anywhere.

After what has been learned about the genesis of the entire Trump-Russia-Mueller hoax upon America, wouldn’t the prudent thing be to tuck tail and go back to your district? Remember, the men leading this charade are but two of 435 district members. Without impeachment, house members’ relevancy diminishes. 

America, in the midst of a pandemic, does not need another impeachment trial over nothing but lies, leaks and smears. We cannot handle it as a nation.

Yet that is what Democrats in the House are doing. SCOTUS got them on this front, but they will not stop. They will never stop.

Next up — and you can write it in forever ink — will be investigations into the president’s handling of the COVID-19 case. Trump’s second term will begin with another impeachment, this time for genocide or some other ridiculous claim. 

He will go down in history as the only president to be impeached twice — and acquitted both times — over nothing more than an opposition party’s hatred for an elected candidate who wasn’t supposed to win the presidency.

God save the Republic.

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