One of our greatest fuels is knowing that there are good people out there who have our back. The readers of this newspaper, those who have endured this almost indescribable ride we have all shared, are what drives us. Here is why you have stuck by us.

• We cannot be bought. Never, ever, ever. While many who wish we didn’t exist will decry us, we have hundreds more press awards than lawsuits against us. The loudest callers are those we agitate the most.

• We will never give in to corruption. It has been some time, but it used to be routine for someone to call us and offer money (or threaten us) to be left out of For the Record. We always refused; however some public officials did let certain suspects off the jail docket. Wonder if we were just an honest roadblock to a payoff up the street? In this town, you never know.

• Finally, we will always have your back. Always. Oh, you will pick up the paper some days and curse us in disgust. Heck, all families do that.

Now we are asking for your help in making sure the grassroots group Citizens Against Corruption continues to thrive. The group is loathed by the status quo who want to keep things in Jones County just as they are. The group is loved by those who see the problem and are glad some fine residents are pulling together to end the special treatment for special folks.

Isn’t that why in 2016 we voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Why? He wanted to “drain the swamp” and end the corruption. That is why Jones County continues to elect by huge margins Chris McDaniel. Why? He wants to drain the swamp and end politics as usual.

Citizens Against Corruption is exactly that. The group is tired of the special favors paid to the wealthy and those of influence. 

Tonight (Thursday) at 6:30 at Tucker’s Crossing Community Center, sheriff candidate Joe Berlin will have a meet-and-greet sponsored by Citizens Against Corruption. The next two CAC meetings will feature sheriff candidate Macon Davis (check for upcoming ads).

Don’t let others tell you what this group is about. See for yourself. Then make a decision on whether you want to keep the same-old, same-old — which will be a near-guaranteed tax increase (remember we told you!) — or a new way of leading — for all residents.

We don’t ask our readers too much, other than the loyalty they have shown us. But we promise to keep fighting against the corruption, the games and the power-brokers carving up this county for their own gain. All we ask is that you join us in that fight.

Coming out to Tucker’s Crossing Community Center tonight would be a big step.

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