The story of a man who ran into a burning home to try to save a baby on 1st Avenue last week has gripped the people of this community and everyone else who has read about it. It would have at any time of the year, but stories of tragedy are alway magnified here at Christmastime.

Yes, 27-year-old Isiah Pierce’s family has some consolation knowing that their loved one died a hero. But the reality is, he died. And so did a beautiful little baby girl, Mahogany Brownlow. The emotional expense of such losses can’t be calculated, and the very real expenses that follow to start over and pay for funerals often can’t be funded.

In a perfect world, this family wouldn’t have to pay a dime for any material things. It’s going to be tough enough to deal with the emotions of the loss for the mother, Marshauna Brownlow. After all, she lost her boyfriend and her baby, and she still has three young children to raise. 

We commend Glory House for starting a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the families. But as of Wednesday afternoon, less than $6,000 of a goal of $20,000 had been raised. We’re sure plenty of people donated without going through the GoFundMe page. We’ve heard of some people who were giving cash, clothing, etc., on their own. 

That’s the kind of community this is — caring, generous, involved. We know how to rally around people and help them through their most difficult days. But no one can assuage the pain and the loss they’re feeling for their loved ones.

Sure, the family has to feel a sense of pride about Pierce’s selfless action, but that pride won’t pay the bills. Those of us who admire the selfless act that ended his life should try to give something — anything — in an effort to honor his memory. No amount could match what his heroic act was worth.

But we should dig deep to at least try to meet the $20,000 that Glory House is trying to raise.

The fundraiser was scheduled to end Wednesday, but we doubt that donations will be turned down if they’re turned in this week.

The Glory House fundraiser is for the mother and her three children.

There were expenses for the burial of the hero, Pierce, too, but we are not aware of any fund-raisers for him. His obituary is in today’s edition. He will be laid to rest on Saturday. Chapel of Angels Funeral Home is handling the arrangements. 

Please keep all of these family members in your prayers. And if you can pay a little something, please do. If everyone who was touched by this story gave just a few dollars, neither family would have to worry about a single expense. They would only have to concentrate on trying to heal and move forward. We have faith that our community will come through.

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