In the classic 1980s children’s show “School House Rocks,” kids are told through song that three is the magic number.

For Ben and Erin Napier — and the people of Laurel — four seems to be the right answer now. The stars of the HGTV show “Home Town” revealed on Wednesday that the series has been picked up for a fourth season. 

We should all stand up and give a round of applause.

Television shows in today’s day and age are in an ultra-competitive market. With a wealth of channels that at times seems unfathomable, to create a program that continues to bring in eyeballs is astounding. Ben and Erin have done that and we couldn’t be prouder.

We remember when the show aired its first pilot episode, where many in the community had crossed fingers. On the strength of the pilot episode, TV executives decide whether that show has potential for a full season. “Home Town” had that potential.

Season 2 came and was not a surprise, seeing as the popularity of the show took off exponentially. In this newspaper office on North Magnolia Street, we were inundated with people from Canada, California, New York and all points in between. What was once a downtown struggling to find its identity is now filled with visitors. Stores and shops opened en masse. Laurel was on the map.

With nervous anticipation, the Napiers announced Season 3, which is nearing its conclusion in the next few weeks. Premiere block parties and final-episode shin-digs came along with it. The community embraced the show in much the same way as the country had. 

And now here we are, on the precipice of another season of “Home Town.” The nervousness that came with the first season has vanished, replaced by confidence in the future. Count us in the throngs who are eagerly waiting next winter already, when Season 4 will premiere.

Visitors will continue to come to Laurel and that bodes well for our local economy. Soon, the roads will be repaired — yes, they will be repaired! — making the city an even bigger draw. The Beacon Street corridor project will add another layer of beauty to our city — truly a Home Town.

Help us congratulate Ben and Erin and an amazing job, not only having the vision to pitch the show, but the staying power to keep it thriving. What you two have accomplished is worthy of all accolades.

Wonderful work. Keep it going. We are so proud.

In Laurel, four is the magic number. 

Although Five sounds even better. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves.

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