Oh, Cindy Hyde-Smith... Why didn’t you just keep your mouth shut?

In between the rash of commercials of you standing in or near cow dung — how appropriate for such a candidate — you actually said that you would agree to a debate ...

BUT, only if you and Democrat Mike Espy advance to a runoff on Nov. 27 in the race for U.S. Senate. 

And why would you entertain such an idea? Because it would be a de facto Democrat debate with one candidate showing his true colors and another hiding behind the Wizard of Oz character pictured to your right.

Yes, Cindy, you are a coward.

In this race for the Senate, there is one conservative, one Hillary Clinton-supporting “Republican” and two Democrats who at least had the courage to tell the people who they are and what they stand for. You rely on a huge campaign war chest to portray yourself as a diehard conservative who will have the best interests of Mississippians in mind. You are the “champion” for Mississippians everywhere.

Yet you won’t get in the ring with the only lifelong conservative in this race. Your excuses have been almost comical — Senate scheduling conflicts, facing supporters who are not “civil” enough and even having to get up early to milk the cows down there on the farm. OK, we made that one up, but seeing as your communications department has made a science of making things up, we are just taking a page from their playbook.

Even when you do feign answering questions on your “take-no-questions bus tour,” those answers are little more than talking points certainly provided to you by the Haley Barbour wing of the swamp that wants so desperately to keep you in that office. Oh, not because you are the most qualified or the most conservative, but because you can be controlled. Although Haley and his gang likely wouldn’t say it, they would rather have Espy in the Senate than McDaniel, who will not be controlled.

We just hope the people of this state are wise to what an inept candidate you are and will take that wisdom to the polls on Tuesday.

We will never truly understand why Donald Trump endorsed your candidacy since he was a McDaniel supporter in 2014 against the swamp-dweller Thad Cochran. If anything, McDaniel’s ideas for what is needed to fix Washington are in lockstep with Trump. But we know the president had to play the game — the same game people are tired of. He got swallowed into the swamp, too, and that is why he endorsed you.

Ponder this: One of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters is the Mercer family. That same family just pledged a half-million dollars to a pro-McDaniel political action committee. Meanwhile, one of your biggest donors is Sean Parker, who was also one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters. But then again, you, too, were a Hillary Clinton supporter.

It’s a shame and a sham that you are too cowardly to get on stage with all three opponents. And even a bigger load of bull feathers that you have no problem debating — as long as it is against one of your own, a Democrat.

Mississippians, make a stand and see through the cowgirl’s road apples and elect a fighter, not someone scared to even get on the damn stage.

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