In a 2012 floor debate on a bill upping the alcohol content in beer in the Mississippi House of Representatives, the always-entertaining Rep. Steve Holland of Plantersville, while trying to convince conservative colleagues to vote for the bill, uttered the following gem: “If you Baptist and can’t stand this bill, well hold yer durn nose and vote for it.”

Sometimes for the better good, the prudent move is to “just hold yer durn nose and vote for it.” In the case of the special election for U.S. Senate, conservative Mississippians must now channel Steve Holland and vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith.

She is the lesser of two evils. She is a hand-picked darling of the Establishment that will be a loyal soldier for the Haley Barbours and Mitch McConnells of the world. She is not a fighter, but a vote to go along to get along. But she is still an entrenched member of the Swamp — and that has to change.

What it cannot change to, though, is having Democrat Mike Espy take control of that senate seat. His vision of a government-focused America flies in the face of the conservative vision of a liberty-focused America. The Democratic party en masse wants more and more people dependent on them. It’s all about government control of our lives in as many ways as possible.

We are under no illusions that Cindy Hyde-Smith is the answer in Washington, D.C. She refused to debate if Ellisville’s Chris McDaniel was on stage, has a history in the Democratic party and is not the fighter that this state really needs. There is a silver lining, though. She will only serve the remaining two years and be up for re-election in 2020. By then, and with Donald Trump on the presidential ballot, maybe a candidate more in line with the limited government philosophy will do what Chris McDaniel did in 2014 — force the Establishment to go to unthinkable means to keep their grip on power.

Only one race will be on the ballot Nov. 27, which will likely deter turnout across this great state. But we urge all of you to follow Holland’s advice.

“If you can’t stand Cindy Hyde-Smith, well just hold yer durn nose and vote for her…”

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