For the past 99 years — including this one — the South Mississippi Fair has called the Laurel Fairgrounds home. And what a wonderful home it has been — and will continue to be.

There is so much that goes into bringing to life the fair for not only Jones Countians but throngs from surrounding communities. With activities and entertainment for everyone, the fair continues to be a boon to the local economy and has put countless smiles on countless faces over the nearly century the fair has called Laurel home.

From ride setup, to getting the Magnolia Center ready for top-flight entertainment to those tasked with running traffic control, it takes a team effort to bring the fair to life. The team is playing on a high level, if this year’s fair is any indication. But, heck, if Laurel and Jones County did not know how to run the fair, then certainly it would find another town to call home.

It keeps calling Laurel home and that is a feather in the cap of everyone who has participated in making the event one of the most anticipated events in the Free State.

Haven’t made it yet? Well, you still have a few days to catch the action as the fair will continue through Saturday when fairgrounds employees and organizers can put up their feet — for at least a minute or two — and take a deep breath at another fantastic event.

Next year, the fair will hit the century mark and we are confident plans are already in the works for that big event in the Free State. Frankly, we cannot wait to see what those folks have in store for the centennial celebration.

So get up, get out of the house and go have yourself a good time. Corn dogs, fair treats and, of course, the rides are the perfect ingredients for a night out. 

Not every city is fortunate enough to attract such a large undertaking as a regional fair. Laurel is — and they do it right.

Congratulations on the first 99 years — and we are so excited about the next 99.

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