What if the Congressional Democrats, most notably House of Representative members, would see things the same way District Attorney Tony Buckley saw in a case reported on today’s Page A1.

A felon who threatened to shoot at Jones County Sheriff’s deputies walked free because a gun reportedly found at the suspect’s home was not taken into evidence. The man never shot at deputies, but given his felonious record, he could not own a gun. Had he been convicted of that charge, he likely would have been imprisoned.

In front of Judge Dal Williamson and public defender John Piazza, Buckley intimated that he would be crazy to take a case without the (smoking) gun to trial. He even quoted Kenny Rogers: “You have to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”

Buckley had no choice. No matter how many hours of arguing he could have done, not one bit would have mattered. There is no gun.

Had less partisan, cooler heads prevailed in the impeachment of President Trump, our elected leaders would have known when to fold ’em. They have nothing. They have never had anything that would warrant such a punishment. The arguments are weak and biased and completely politically motivated, dare we say disgraceful.

We could have saved a lot of valuable time and considerable taxpayer expense had Democrats in the House of Representatives actually said, “Wow, we really have nothing here.”

They didn’t.

Friday wrapped up Democrats’ 24 hours of regurgitation trying to convince the public that a gun was found. Can’t you see it?

Of course you can’t. There isn’t one.

In either case.

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