Mr. President, the people are with you. 

The media is against you. The Establishment is against you. But the people are with you. And if it takes shutting down the government, the people will still be with you. The people who swept you into office believe the Reagan mantra that government is not the answer to your problems, government is the problem. If you have to shut down the government to get the border under control, then so be it.

At rallies leading up to your presidency — and since — there is a theme that develops. “Build the wall… Build the wall…” The majority of Americans want to get a hold of the border mess. It is a mess. 

This is not the great migration of the late 1800s when people fled Europe for the United States. The vast majority of those came through legal means and wanted to be Americans. They came with little or nothing and struggled to make it. They assimilated into the American culture. They spoke English. The thought of being able to take advantage of federal giveaway programs was as foreign as the immigrants themselves. They wanted to be Americans.

The flood of illegal immigration into this country, especially from the Southern border, is not the same. Generally speaking, there is little desire to become Americans, but rather to take advantage of those governmental goodies we hand out. That is why Democrats are so opposed to getting a handle on illegal immigration — because they rely on people being beholden to big government. The more people who  rely on the federal government for every need, the more apt those people are to vote in blocs for the party that hands out the giveaways. Democrats see illegal immigrants as potential votes and votes mean power and control.

Who is standing in the way of that desire? Donald Trump and the American people. That is why every hard-working, taxpaying responsible citizen should have beamed when Trump took to task incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in front of television cameras and the world on Tuesday. Trump was brilliant — he will be responsible because it is what the people want. Period. 

Trump has been standing up for those hard-working taxpayers who have made this country the land of opportunity and that was on full display Tuesday. He knows he has the support of the people, even if national media and polls will say differently. It is they who want to knock Trump down every chance they can get because they want that support to erode. They need that support to erode. They need Donald Trump to look weak, to back down, to capitulate like Republican politicians have done for years.

Trump refuses. And the people will remain with him.

Vital services will not see a disruption with a government shutdown. Hell, the gross majority of us will not even know it is happening. The media and Democrats will portray the shutdown as taking away grandma’s Social Security check and kicking sick people out of hospitals. It will not happen that way.

So, Mr. President, we plead with you to refuse to stop what you are doing. National media don’t want to admit it — nor face it — but the people are with you 100 percent. 

And they want to get control of a border mess that just gets worse and worse — much to the delight of Democrats.

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Donnie Watts

Remember the Mexican will build the wall

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