There is no template for the times we’re living in. The bad news is, there are plenty of people out there who believe they have the answers, and when they post them, tens of millions of people share them. It becomes even more difficult than usual to distinguish fact from friction.

The best example we saw of indiscriminate, aimless sharing on social media was one that had a good message from health-care workers: “We stay here for you; Please stay home for us.” Good message, sure. But it was a goof. The person squatting down holding the “us” sign was a very blessed naked man. 

It was shared countless times, proving that people just don’t pay attention. As we have written consistently in this space, we need to follow the orders of our health officials and we’ll be out of this as soon as possible. We need it to be over as soon as possible, too, so the economic recovery can begin.

For those of you who criticize our president for sport, now is not the time. Yes, he has been inconsistent with his message, going back to the beginning. So has just about everybody else. It’s a developing situation. Things have been changing hour-by-hour.

Trump is giving unprecedented access to the media. He’s actually helping them when one of his staff gives unclear information or sidesteps a direct question. His teleprompter-dependent predecessor wouldn’t have done that. He limited access, which in turn, limited criticism.

But that’s not meant to be a political statement, just a point worth considering. In times of crisis, we wish people could politics aside, but that will never happen with the people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, especially during a presidential election year.

One only need look at the Democrats’ rejection of his proposed coronavirus stimulus package that was going to send money to U.S. workers. They rejected it. If he had proposed a plan to help companies only, they would have blasted him for failing to help the “common people,” only his “wealthy cronies.”

We believe the best plan is to help employers keep people employed. He might as well do that because it’s the right thing. Besides, he’s going to get criticized by those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome no matter what he does. At least there’s hope for people with coronavirus. For those who have TDS, there are only two known cures — move to Canada or endure it for four more years. You have assured that will happen. Those of us who are rational say, “Thank you … and grow up.”

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