In the growing soap opera that the United States of America has become, the latest character to enter the story is a professor from an unknown college in California making claims that reek of political shenanigans, the likes of which the real working people of America cannot stand. That is why we have the president we do. Period.

If the Republicans who have jumped on Donald Trump’s coattails to re-election do not stand up and call this out for what it is, they, again, will lose the people. We would never minimize the effects of abuse in any form, especially sexual. Predators should be prose- cuted to the fullest. This is no black and white issue. But Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is no predator.

The outrage over Kavanaugh being “a sexual predator,” levied by one woman who has offered few details of the night in question, is growing daily. Kavanaugh has said he never even attended the party in which this allegedly occurred. Politics enters the fray when one considers that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who has been in office for 26 years, had possession of the accusation letter weeks before the nominee’s hearing. But she never brought it up. Politics at its worst. Let’s wait until the last second, gum up the works again and hope it will take hold enough to get the nominee delayed until after the election. It’s on Page 1 of the playbook of whatever party is in the minority.

No, this entire charade is about a minority party faced with a challenge it cannot overcome — a Republican picking the Supreme Court justice that will tilt the scales of the judiciary to the conser- vative side of the aisle. The loudest voices on the left wing of the Democrat party will never — ever — accept Kavanaugh. So those wanting more years in office stooped to ridiculous levels to ruin a good, honest, decent man with impeccable credentials and a mas- tery of the law. We should welcome such a scholar to the bench.

Those in Jones County can certainly relate. When then-President George W. Bush nominated Judge Charles Pickering to the Court of Appeals — good, honest, decent man with impeccable credentials and a wise choice for that post — Democrats scuttled his nomina- tion riding unfounded claims of racial bias. Politics is such an evil game.

That is all this is — politics. It’s how the game is played in Wash- ington, D.C., and no matter what we, the people, do to change it, the swamp keeps getting thicker and thicker. No matter how many times their games are exposed, they continue to do it because once every six years they can lie their way back into office.

If Republicans do not hold firm and stand their ground against this farce, they will pay dearly at the ballot box. Call their bluff, Republicans, because there is no other explanation than Senate Demo- crats are holding a pair of twos with a six as the high card. They are desperate.

Don’t fall for it.

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I've heard that Merrick Garland is still available.

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