Through all the soap-opera-esque turmoil that the national media keep focusing on, the economy continues to make strides that have rarely — if ever — been matched. Nearly every economic indicator is booming. Unemployment across all racial and gender spectrums is low. Growth is at levels not seen in a generation.

Had this been any other president than Donald Trump, that president would be ballyhooed on every newspaper and cable TV news outlet in America. But, sadly, all of his accomplishments have been minimized because of faux investigations into Russia meddling, porn stars and disgruntled, fired ex employees.

When voters go to the polls, their sole focus should be “Are we better off than we were the last election?”

Most working Americans will say absolutely they are better off. A strong economy drives a nation and ours is as strong as ever.

You know it has to be because former President Barack Obama is out on the campaign trail taking credit for the halcyon economic days that we are experiencing.

Listen to him and it is his recovery that is finally taking hold and propelling the country forward.

As believable as the notion of, “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.”

Trump has reversed as many Obama-era policies as possible and the economy is thriving. If a new CEO comes into a company that is economically stagnant and changes everything, which leads to mass profitability, should the old CEO be lauded? Hardly.

We must wonder what could be accomplished if so many would stop focusing on inconsequential drama and focus on things that actually matter.

We can dream, can’t we?

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