It seems so cliché, almost a broken record: Do not drink and drive. But many still do. Many go over the line — way over.

In the blink of an eye, one irrational decision can altar forever the course of many families, many lives.

Few nights are as risky as this upcoming night — New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when we bid farewell to one year and welcome in the other. Many do it quietly, at home watching the TV. Others fall asleep long before the revelry hits fevered pitch at the strike of midnight.

Some people go out and have a good time. They do it responsibly, with prior preparations. We applaud them for having the maturity to plan ahead, to arrange transportation, to get a hotel or to lay off the booze altogether.

But it is also those people we mourn for, the innocent victims of the actions of the other kind of New Year’s Eve reveler and the one we wish would just disappear.

It would be a fool’s notion to believe that everyone will handle themselves appropriately on New Year’s Eve, and we are aware that will not happen. So we urge friends and loved ones, bar owners and party-throwers to be the voice of reason when unreason rules. We implore the police to set up checkpoints around the city and county to get drunks off the road. And rest assured that the fine folks in law enforcement, from the Laurel Police Department to the police in Soso and the great officers of the Sandersville Police Department will be doing their part.

Now it is up to you to do your part.

So, on the dawn of a new year when all is fresh and the possibility of the best year ever is still alive, we wish everyone a Happy New Year with a plea — please do not drive drunk. Pretty please. With sugar on top.

What a shame it would be for 2019 to start in the back of an ambulance — or in a hearse — because of someone driving drunk.

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