People in the law enforcement profession are often frustrated by the fact that they can’t be everywhere all the time. They’re usually called to crimes after they’ve happened. To be able to stop one in progress is rare and rewarding.

That’s what happened on Thursday morning, when deputies caught 24-year-old Joel Welch red-handed in a house in Calhoun, where he had broken in and stolen medication.

Most of the people on the Jones County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page are supporters and gave them attaboys. But there were plenty of people who were critical of them for posting a photo of the suspect handcuffed and in the back of the patrol car and presenting it as a “collage.”

Really? In that whole scenario, that’s what you’re critical of?

As so often happens to us, people pointed out that he’s from “a good family” and they “don’t deserve that” … blah, blah, blah.

People learn to place blame where it belongs — on the person who commits the crime. If he hadn’t broken into that house to steal drugs, he would not be in that cute little collage you’re complaining about. It’s his fault. Saying anything else to make excuses only prolongs the inevitable.

Every reformed addict will tell you that he or she had to hit rock bottom before getting clean and sober. Let’s hope and pray this is rock bottom for Welch. He’s young and can still be a productive member of society.

If that happens, he will likely have the JCSD and the shame he felt from the Facebook post to thank.

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