The governor’s race is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent history. We have an unlikable candidate in our state’s party of choice when it comes to statewide races and a likable candidate in our state’s most distrusted and despised party.

Tate Reeves is not respected or liked even within his own party, yet somehow, he became the chosen one, so he’s on the ballot. Longtime Attorney General Jim Hood has been the only Democrat elected to statewide office since our Republican Revolution in 2000.

With a choice like Reeves, that revolution may come to end this election cycle. More and more people are saying they just can’t vote for him, and we understand.

When state Sen. Chris McDaniel stood beside Reeves and endorsed him a few weeks back, it may have swayed some conservatives who can’t stomach the idea of casting a ballot for Reeves.

The GOP nominee, who has been dubbed “Haley’s boy” by insiders, really has nothing to offer except to align Hood with Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and all of the other Democratic bogeymen. The trouble with that is, most people in the state happen to know Hood and what he’s about and realize that’s just campaign rhetoric.

Yes, it is tough to vote for someone in a party that represents most of what is reprehensible to decent people. But Hood knows he is in a conservative state and has appealed to its voters for years by not straying too far into the fringes.

It’s a cliché for voters to say they “vote for the person, not the party.” If that’s the case with the majority of voters, then Reeves may be in real trouble. The rap on him as a man is not good. He doesn’t work and play with others. And he is unyielding, not in a powerful way, but in a petty way.

It’s admirable that McDaniel is willing to put aside personal differences for the good of the Republican Party and to prevent Democrats from gaining a foothold in the state’s top spot.

But here’s the bottom line: Reeves refused any legislation from McDaniel for seven years, not because of what was in it, but because of who submitted it. That proves he’s not principled. We don’t need someone with that childish mentality sitting in a leadership position.

Maybe our state’s Republican Party could use a good cleansing, from the top down.


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