People blame others for their own shortcomings because it’s easier than admitting failure. That sort of gaslighting is easy to identify when you’re standing on the outside of a situation, looking in — such is the case with Chicago. The city saw a spike of more than 100 percent in gun violence over the summer from last year. Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed Mississippi.

“Sixty percent of the illegal guns that come into Chicago every year are from out of state, from Indiana, from Mississippi, from other states that have lax gun laws,” the confused mayor said.

U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tracked the flow of illegally-acquired firearms and found that Mississippi accounts for about 5 percent of gun proliferation in Chicago. Forty percent of the city’s illegal guns were found to have originated in … Chicago.

“This ridiculous conspiracy theory from the Chicago mayor — that Mississippians are to blame for the violence in her own city — is bizarre and pathetic,” Gov. Tate Reeves said in response. “No serious person could think that murders are out of control and people are burning police cars in Chicago because of Mississippi’s commitment to the Constitution.”

We  side with the governor on this one.

Chicago Police Department Office of Crime Control Strategies head Robert Tracy concluded in 2012 that there are at least 60 gangs running roughly 600 wings within the city, and that most of the 436 killings the year prior were Black men killed by Black men in gang-related incidents.

Mayor Lightfoot, you have lost control of your city. That’s not our fault. You need both long- and short-term solutions to the gang violence that’s holding your city hostage; blaming well-meaning upholders of the constitution is neither of those. Get a grip.

It’s difficult to surmise exactly what is running through your head, Mayor Lightfoot, as you point your finger at others for the rash of violence. Believe us when we say that we feel for your once-great city — it’s tragic what is happening. But look at the numbers. Look at the exacerbating circumstances.

COVID-19 has put financial stress on the entire world, from large businesses to sports programs right down to the individual working men and women. Gang violence is linked to groups’ need for profit, and the added burden of the pandemic is being cited as a factor in a nationwide increase in violent crime. Our circumstances — all of ours — are unprecedented in American history. Places like Mississippi, Indiana and Michigan are not to blame for that.

Correlation is not causation. That said, it cannot be overlooked that places with the most violent crime and police corruption are Democrat-led metropolitan areas. If Mississippi’s “lax gun laws” really were the problem, all that violence would be happening right here. Just some food for thought.

Broaden your view. Distance yourself, if only momentarily, from the internet mob’s pressure to blame lawful gun owners for everything. Do better, because we know you can.

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