Mississippi is a tinder box right now. Rain has been sparse. Temperatures have been sky-high. The air has been bone dry. Combined, those ingredients make for a terribly dangerous situation.

This week, the entire state of Mississippi was put under a burn ban. The smallest spark can start a devastating chain of events that could lead to misery and destruction for thousands.

We can all do our duty in several ways.

• Under no circumstance should you burn outside. Zero. If you choose to burn anything outside — shame on you.

• If you see someone burning anything outside, it is your moral obligation to report it. An innocent brush fire could lead to massive wildfires. 

In our area, we have hundreds of firefighters — paid and volunteer — who are standing at the ready should a wildfire break out. It likely will happen and we are grateful for them on the front lines. But we must do our part to keep their work to a minimum.

Don’t burn. Don’t.

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