Are the days of free expression coming to an end? Are we on the path to central planners who decide what we can see and what is banned as if we were in North Korea?

Looking at the abhorrent actions by social-media giants Facebook and Twitter, we are on that path. This week, those two entities suppressed an explosive newspaper report linking presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter to alleged corruption. The reporting came from the New York Post — a 219-year-old newspaper — and included damning emails about Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine, China and others. 

As is the case with most media outlets when dealing with the Democrat party — especially in its hatred of Donald Trump — the blame was placed on everyone except Biden. But that wasn’t the worst of it. No, both Facebook and Twitter decided to limit the story’s distribution. Simply put, unless someone was aware of the New York Post story, they would not see it on the social-media platforms. And even worse than that, if someone retweeted the story from that legitimate news source, that person would potentially find themselves in “Twitter jail.”

If ever a definition of censorship could be found, it is here. Those companies have decided that they are the arbiters of what is true and what isn’t — at least that is what they claim on their face. But stories about the president being a Russian agent, colluding with foreign powers to steal elections and a sham phone call that led to the impeachment of a president are still available because they fit into the political narrative that drives the Facebook and Twitter police. 

Facebook and Twitter have decided that we, the people, must be too stupid to reach a conclusion on our own. Rather, they have taken it upon themselves to tell us what we are allowed to see and what must be censored. If you read the story and conclude that it is bunk, then fine, move on to the next story. But you should at least have a choice.

This entire ordeal should make us feel as if we are in 1980s Soviet Russia, regardless of political party affiliation. The slippery slope is now a ski jump, and we are barreling downhill. Big Brother has arrived.


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