While the feasts might be scaled down a bit, Thanksgiving will still be a day filled with family and, of course, food. If we can offer a piece of advice: Take care of your grocery shopping now and get it over with. 

The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the more crowded the stores will be. Mask or no mask, how many of us want to be cooped up next to each other in a crowded store? Make your list and get the shopping done. 

Speaking of shopping, as you prepare for your Thanksgiving feast, pick three or four items and “buy extra” — canned goods and non-perishable items. Of course, the more you can buy the better. The need to feed those less fortunate is even greater now due to the COVID-19 crisis. What better way to give thanks for everything we have than providing for our brothers and sisters?

The Red Kettles of The Salvation Army are ringing again this year, with an online option to make donation-making easier. We urge donations for such a great organization. Visit LaurelKettle.org for more information.

Some things to consider about the Red Kettle. In 2019, the Salvation Army raised $87,000 during the kettle campaign. Those donations enabled it to provide help and hope to the 3,142 people who came to the Salvation Army in need throughout the year with 21,302 meals and 11,409 nights of shelter. The 2020 kettle goal is $90,000. 

This has been a challenging year for everyone. What a better way to bid 2020 farewell by shattering that goal. We know the people of Jones County are some of the most generous of any place on Earth. So let’s do it. Six figures? Let’s go!

For more information or to volunteer, call Maj. Raymond Pruitt at 601-428-4232 or email Raymond.Pruitt@uss.salvationarmy.org.

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